The Key To My Success Is NOT In The Flower Bed

This morning the oldest son tells me he needs dirt and glue for some science project. Of course he tells me in the morning when all is chaotic, because what better time is there to tell me, than 5 minutes before catching the bus?
I was all gung ho to dig up some dirt because I am a huge supporter of the science and dirt.

During this manic process of grabbing a zip loc and digging for a bottle of glue…he needed some glue too, (they don’t need glue and scissors in 6th grade anymore) I had my key(s) in my hand. The one that drives me to the place where I achieve financial success and somehow it disappeared. I retraced all my steps from the kitchen, dining room and living room of where I was the instant the boy tells me of this last-minute news and they’re nowhere to be found. Because I’m always in a panic hurry to get this boy to the bus on time, I gave up the fight of looking and told the hubs I was taking his car and would find the key later.

10-12-14 hours later, what I thought would be a simple “Oh there they are!” finding, has come down to an all out search. They’re ( I say this like it’s more than one key…its just one) nowhere to be found. I admit this tends to be an issue in our house but normally it’s a 15 minute look and they are found.
This leads us to the flower bed. I admit I got the flash light out and started looking in the dirt. No where. I didn’t dig that deep for science project dirt, so I know their not like buried in a 6 foot hole or anything but where oh where can they be?
Now I know what you’re thinking…what about the spare? Good question! Glad you asked! I don’t know that one either. Aren’t we a mess and a half? Aren’t you glad you’re just a blog friend with me? Sigh!

As of this moment I still have no idea where it is. I’ve straightened up the house and lifted up the furniture and nothing. My last resort is to dig in the trash can. If all else fails, the key to my success may be in the garbage.

BTW: The project was for Social Studies not SCIENCE which totally deflated my gung ho support for the science. I will promise to bring you the latest breaking news on any updates I may have.


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