Smack Down At The Play Ground

I’m up past my bed time but felt I should at least put one coherent post in this week. Plus I feel like a rebellious child in that I’m really tired and should go to bed but so much of my time is spent sleeping or doing that thing I do Monday thru Friday, that there’s no time for anything else. …you know for fun time.

Saturday was our typical all day football day (yes I’m going there with the football). Typically we rise way to early for a Saturday and head for the field for Bossy Boy’s game. I have to say that the “Mighty Mikes” (the kindergarten and first graders) are just down right adorable when they play. Their really good about adding an extra 2 quarters for the little kids to play before the 2nd graders play. Then around 3:30 the 6th graders play.
It’s amazing the change in seriousness of the parents from the little kids to the 6th graders. You’d think the 6th grade parents were watching the pros or something. There is constant yelling at the refs and or trash talk to the other team or the coach and the whole nine yards. I honestly thought all this “talk” of parents getting expelled from youth sports for acting out at games, was not as serious a deal as the media/public made it out to be. WRONG! Unbelievable!
We shockingly put a smack down on the other team Saturday. The crazy thing about our town’s team is that there’s probably 30 plus kids on each grade level’s team, compared to the other teams we’ve played, we dominate in numbers of players. I’m not sure why not the big interest in football for other towns but our town it’s BIG. Needless to say when we go to away games, the visitor side usually dominates the home side in fans.
As I was saying…we put a smack down on our neighboring towns team Saturday, for some reason the other team’s parents/hillbillies were none to happy and were literally waiting outside the gate to supposedly put a beat down on our team’s coach! This is 6th grade football people! I mean, REALLY! REALLY? It felt so red neckish, that I could soo see this kind of thing maybe happen in Texas, but here? (No offense to Texas but they take their football VERY seriously)
The funny thing is these hillbillies were way out numbered with just our crowd that was coming out of the gate who first got wind of the situation(somehow the kid and I came out right in the middle of it). The funny thing is, the coaches wife was all about this and ready to put the smack down on the situation herself. You can mess with the coaches wife but don’t dare mess with the coach. Just to clarify she didn’t actually put down a smack down but words were said.. “so I hear you’re hear to beat up the coach, this is 6th grade football…”
Needless to say, I corralled my herd out of the premises as quickly as possible. Thankfully the hubs had left early to take the boy Wonder to guitar lessons. I know he so would have been all over this. Boys…will be boys…sigh!
I’m pretty sure nothing came out of this, as we left, the coaches were right behind and the parking lot cleared pretty quick and the town cop showed up just to make sure things had cleared out.


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