Day Book 09/12

Outside My Window: We had a nice stormy rain earlier today and it cleared up and wasn’t too hot the rest of the day. No complaints!

I Am Hearing: Football of course.

I Am Thinking: I really feel I have bailed on the blogging train, which is the last thing I want to do. Here’s a few highlights from the week-

-I’m starting school in Oct. instead of this month. I had some financial aid technical difficulties and had to wait. I’m ok with that because if someone else can’t pay for me to go back to school then it’s a no go. If I have to wait for someone else to pay..ahem the government, than I’ll happily and patiently wait.

-My parents had their 39th wedding anniversary this weekend. I really wanted to get a hold of an old wedding photo but never got around to it.

-Wonderboy started his first guitar lesson this weekend, he supposedly is a natural and is catching on quickly. He named his guitar Black Card, it’s a complicated story but it’s from a British T.V. show.

I Am Hoping; For something…who knows what.

Plans For The Week: Football, Work, and Guitar Lessons. Oh… and the fair is in town so we’ll maybe see about that. It’s beginning to look a lot like fall!

Picture Thoughts:
I love that Picasa has a button now for Picnik since I updated/reinstalled the ‘puter. Love Picnik’s fun effects.
Then there’s some that need no editing
I just wish I had a lens to do some macro (not that I would know what I’m doing…but you know I’d still play around)


3 thoughts on “Day Book 09/12

  1. Jean, We all understand that you are insanely busy right now. Don’t sweat the blogging. We will be here when life slows down…if ever! LOL Seriously, don’t be too hard on yourself.

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