I Know What You’re Thinking…

She’s totally high tailed it and left the blog leaving those who read it in the dust. Close but not quite.

This past week has been whirl wind of college enrollment, FAFSA forms, orientation and work. It’s been overwhelming to say the least. I’d like to say I’m completely back in action but it still may be hit or miss in the whole blogging realm. Don’t get me wrong, I still HAVE to blog, I just could never leave it. It’s just such a time a suck during the week right now, it’s so much easier to just plow some fields on farmville or build an inn in frontierville and not have to worry about forming coherent sentences after reading over FAFSA contracts and applying for student loans all night. I hate saying those last dreaded words -applying for student loans, seeing as how I’m already paying for my previous one that did me a whole lot of good (like zero good), but that’s the price you pay for an education and gulp… to hang that pretty degree on your wall that says Bachelors, or something fancy like that.

Right now it looks like for the most part all systems are go for me to start on Wednesday. You’d think I was packing up and moving into a dorm or something. I’m not even living the comfort of couch to do this. I still have a hang up or two that I have to take care but hopefully it won’t hinder me from starting (like the government paying for this).
The best part was speaking with my academic adviser and her telling me that I will need a camera that is a digital SLR with automatic settings. Swoon! This working momma gets to finally learn to take pictures and do some fancy editing.

Not only will I be doing that but some artsy like classes too, which makes me a little nervous cause I can pretend to know what I’m doing when it comes to taking pictures or make fancy headers (remember kids I am not a trained professional and only pretend to be on the blog) I do not know the slightest thing about drawing or art. Guess one will have to learn sometime.

On that note I’ll still be around no guarantees on consistent blogging or reading of blogs. I am soo looking forward to my 5, yes I said 5 day weekend. If you only knew how much I’m going to kiss every 5 days and hold them and not ever want to let them go. If you also only knew that I may cry just a little, when I have to go back on Thursday.


3 thoughts on “I Know What You’re Thinking…

  1. Mmm, please tell me you’re getting a Nikon! That would be awesome! Also, make sure when you do to get one that doesn’t require the lenses to have motors. If you do then the lenses will be a LOT cheaper! 🙂

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