Open Letters To Frontierville and Farmville

Dear Frontierville,

I regret to inform you that I may be putting in my resignation for your silly game, which I cannot get enough. Here lately, I have been very challenged in being able to do anything worthwhile with the missions simply because I don’t have enough neighbors. I think this is very poor judgment on the game creator’s part. There are lots of people who enjoy the game but can’t do anything simply because something takes an outrageous amount of neighbors. I’m looking at that pie challenge that requires me to buy an Inn but I must have 11 MORE neighbors along with the ones I have. REALLY? REALLY! 11!
All I want to do is buy an Inn which I have enough coins and wood for but that doesn’t matter.

Don’t even get me started on actually buying frontierville dollars to buy it. I realize that the creators need to support their caffeine habit and maybe pay a light bill or two but isn’t that what advertisement is for? I wouldn’t mind the ads if I could actually be able to play the game for free and get to do ALL the challenges regardless of how many neighbors I have.

I really like and value my friends on facebook. Their not just “entities” on a website, their real people and could care less about my frontierville addiction, much less want to be my neighbor on some silly game. I would never want to spam them with encouragement to play. It’s probably bad enough I spam my profile status with all my “game stuff”. I do try to limit my “spamming” to things I think the few of my game addicted friends could/would need.

On that note, I would also never ever add complete strangers to my facebook simply to add more neighbors in my games. I’m pretty sure that in itself is setting yourself up for disaster in some way or form. I admit I’ve thought about creating another facebook profile for my addiction, but then I’d have to start all over and what would be the point in that?

So I’m kinda over you frontierville. I’m at a stall in the game, simply because I have a lot of smart friends that don’t waste their time on silly games. That is sooo not fair to the silly girl who likes to play, to defrag her brain from a long day and yes maybe waste some time.

So over you…


Dear Farmville,

You just had to lure me back didn’t you? You knew my frustration with Frontierville (though you two are cousins and come from the same creator) and you begged me to come back.
It started with the dang bee hive. My friends were giving me materials left and right to make the bee hive and I didn’t even have to beg. I admit I became intrigued. Then the bees started coming but when I finally built my hive, I didn’t have a queen bee. Come to find out to get the queen, I have to harvest flowers. That meant I had to plow and harvest stuff again, something I hadn’t been doing in a while. Easier said than done. I’m still waiting on my dang queen 2 weeks later. You got me, you got me real good.
Then the instant I get my hive fixed, the new garage to store your tractors came out. My material supply has slowed down a bit and it doesn’t help that you now have a pigsty. Again you knew exactly what I wanted and have met my demands and again have refueled and re fed my addiction. Now I must play just to build my garage and have a place for my pigs.

I wasn’t sure about this whole creating a craft thing…but it seems to suffice in between the time of trying to get my queen.

I just have to say thank you farmville for giving us reasonable “goals” and not requiring an insane amount of neighbors to do things. Please don’t change that ever.

I’m baaaccckk! xoxo



One thought on “Open Letters To Frontierville and Farmville

  1. I was wondering how you managed to get a kid in the game because I’m in the same boat as you with that task and only have 3 horseshoes saved up out of like 16 or something ridiculous. But I do remember going on a horseshoe spending spree early on, not realizing how valuable they were. Dumb Jen. Are there babies in farmville?

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