Day Book 08/29

Outside My Window: It’s hot as usual. We did have a cool down this week with rain which lasted all of two days, we’ll take what we can get though.

I Am Hearing: A small child who sounds a bit stuffy who is talking. He sounds so cute when he’s stuffy.

I Am Thinking: I did get a few things done between football games this weekend..of course you’d never know it cause it’s right back where it was before.

I Am Hoping: for a few slight possibilities of opportunity this week. We all know where the hopes get me but one must never give up, I suppose. Opportunity is bound to knock on our door eventually right? Hopefully.

Plans For The Week: There’s a few possible opportunities this week both for the hubs and I. As usual, I want to stay on the down low on details cause the hope thing is pretty much nil at this point. There is football practice that has indeed kept our minds out of the blahs since there’s no time to think about anything else, which helps a lot. I’m also hoping to get enrolled this week at Hubby’s online college. I’ve spoken with the college admissions/counselor lady for my degree and you can’t not love her and I have high hopes for this one; more so than the online college I was doing before. Visual Communications sounds nice doesn’t it? Almost artsy but on a whole different gamete…sorta. Lots of social media, web design, topography, photography kind of stuff. Swoon.
I’m really looking forward to next weekend as it will be a 3 day weekend for most but a 5 day weekend for me. I’m taking a few extra days after labor day to hopefully get stuff done, like that dining room that’s been waiting to be painted since forever ago.
Picture Thoughts: Yes I changed up the header. I kinda like it. If you’re wondering what the bees reference’s sorta the mascot and their cute gosh darn it. (I so love messing with brushes in Gimp)
Here is my middle son who I forget to mention on occasion. We’re gonna make him a rock n roll star but first we have to start him out with guitar lessons. He may start next week. We shall see. What can I say, he’s got his own style.


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