Day Book 08/22

Outside My Window: Still hot, no rain in sight, nothing new to report.

I Am Hearing: Preseason Football- I’m about ready to scout my perspectives for fantasy football. I’ll spare you…promise!

I Am Hoping: For some rain maybe…my hopes are on the down low for now.

I Am Thinking: I’m fairly content for the most part, that or my brain cells have fried from the heat and I have no deep thoughts. Could someone explain why they make these poor boys play in the highest heat point of the day? It just cannot be more miserable playing at 2:30 in the afternoon than any other time of the day. I’m miserable sitting under our nifty “tailgate” tent and my poor boys are in pads, helmet and layers of shirts. Our tent has become so popular with others that we may have to start charging people for shade. Not that I would….

“Put me in coach!” Game Boy’s team lost but that’s ok, we love him anyway..through suffering heat and all.

Bossy Boy’s team won..with not much help from Bossy Boy. He’s learning. Yes there were a gazillion more where these came from..again sparing you.

Today: We celebrated C’s birthday with full blown Over The Hill decor, cake, and the shameless gag gift that my father is sure to give him every year.

One must always wear protective gear when opening my dad’s gag gifts, you just never know what you’re gonna get. It’s also handy to have a willing kid open it for you.

He doesn’t look a day over 39!

I Must Also Mention: The crazy sign my dad worked on for several weeks, and drove to our house at 430 in the morning to put it up. He could have easily came at 730 and the hubs would have still never noticed. As my mother says “he didn’t have anything better to do at 430AM!”

Plans For The Week: Take a wild wild guess? It starts with a F and ends with an L, It starts with a W and ends with a K. Oooh your good!

Picture Thoughts: I know that your beyond sick of football pictures, but let me just get these last few out of my system. Promise! (crossing fingers behind back) I just have a thing for boys in stinkin adorable!

Yes he stands out in a sea of blue and white. It’s easier to spot him at practice. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

We must not forget this little guy. He is such a trooper, as long as he has his/mom’s tunes he’s a happy camper.


3 thoughts on “Day Book 08/22

  1. Cute pics! My boys have emphatically declared that they will never play football, for which I am positively thrilled! I am not a football/baseball/soccer/any kind of sport person! Glad you are having fun?

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