The Bus Stop

I attempted to write Gameboy a letter of him growing up and moving out for college heading for middle school. For some reason I just couldn’t find the right words, instead I feel it imperative to mention the bus stop.

The first day of school our assumption was that the bus would come right by the house just like it did last year. (Don’t tell the hubs this, but I had a big feeling that it wouldn’t and he would have to go down the hill to the corner to wait with the high school dudes…since he is always right and I am wrong…lets just not mention I was right for a change) Gameboy patiently waited and saw that the bus obviously wasn’t coming his way and missed it. Luckily I was off work for this exact emergency (the hubs needed to stay for the other two) and we hopped into the car off to middle school aka my old jr high school for the first day.
Since he wasn’t exactly sure what bus he would be riding home I offered to pick him up. Besides I admit I so wanted to be the first to hear all the details of the first day.
A little side note. Gameboy is 11, he’s still in that in between stage of doesn’t think twice to hug his mom/dad in public and suddenly realizing OMG I just hugged my mom in public! It’s a confusing age trying to fit in and yet still love and adore your parents.
My mother and I pursued him after school. Since traffic is chaotic and there’s no organized car line like in elementary school we just had to park somewhere and wait. Since I knew he didn’t know that grandma’s car would come get him, I was forced by my own mother to get out and get him. I felt I was treading a thin line of not embarrassing him by standing right where everyone stands but knowing that was the only option I had for him to find me, because hello moms looking for their little boy is really not cool. When he first saw me he ran right to me almost in a child like hug mode and then he stopped to realize what he did. Awkward! We played it cool by racing back to the car to save face.

The next day I dropped him off at the bus stop. He didn’t want to get out, he wanted to stay in the safety of the car with his mom and not out there with those much older dudes at the bus stop. I practically had to shove him out with my foot (not really). When he did get out, it was one of those catch 22’s of should I stay for the bus or go? (BTW this whole walking on thin ice of “is my presence embarrassing him or not” is really tricky way more tricky than I ever thought) I decided to turn around and pull right up to the boys and ask him…cause really a little embarrassment from your mother in front of high school dudes never hurt builds character actually. The scared little kid who would not get out of the car 2 minutes before, suddenly became the OMG, eye roll, middle school kid, with a quiet “please go” .

This morning I dropped him off and he got to witness watching his first police visit to a home with an arrested person show, right in front of the bus stop. This is a very quiet low key neighborhood and I’ve never seen more than 2 police cars in the neighborhood since I’ve lived here ever, like all 20 plus years. There were 6! Something tells me he’s going to like hanging with the big kids at the bus stop more than ever.


3 thoughts on “The Bus Stop

  1. Wow! What excitement! And believe me, I remember what a difficult time the “in between” years are! I never knew how to act from one moment to another! I was cool one second and a horrible disgrace the next!
    Fun times! 😉

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