Day Book 08/15

Outside My Window; Hot and more hot. We haven’t had rain in a good month. When it rains it pours when it doesnt, it doesn’t for a very long time. Someone (not you I promise) mentioned the ” unbearable heat” where they live with the “82 degree temps” I wanted so bad to say try 98 degrees with a heat index of 102 and then talk unbearable heat. I didn’t because Im not one to cause a stir.

I’m Hearing: Preseason Football I’m sorry you have to hear football for the next few weeks. We are practically eating and breathing it around here. The boys had their first scrimmage Saturday. Yes we had to sit out for hours in the heat of the day with no shade. I did have my umbrella but that only helps so much. The boys did great though and probably didn’t whine near as much I did.
Game Boy had to go against the “elite team” for their first set. These boys who are his age are twice if not three times bigger than he is. He was a bit intimidated for sure.
Bossy Boy was placed as guard…which according to my hubs is hilarious (why Im not sure..something about his size and being a very important job on the guy that goes right for the quarterback maybe?) any way he had never played/practiced that position and stood there and held up his hands like claws and growled at the other players. It was hilarious. We told Game Boy if he’s not sure what he’s supposed to do or tackle who he is supposed to tackle just take his brothers approach and if all else fails growl.

I’m Hoping: To just plain make it through this week. It’s going to be brutal work wise. At least I do get the first day of school off.

I’m Thinking: I’m over due for another photo shoot so I’m thinking of doing that very soon. I’m also exhausted with the back to school craziness.

I Finally: Got most of the school shopping done. The oldest absolutely hates to shop and I had to drag him to 4 different places to find shoes and back pack we both liked (him style…me price/that fit) he’s getting a lot more picky about what he wants and doesn’t want. For some reason he didn’t like anything I picked for him. Sheesh 11 year olds ..rolls eyes.

And…: The oldest got to pick if he wanted a top or bottom locker (hello I sure didn’t get a choice in jr high..oh that’s right this is Middle School bad… even though it was the same dang Jr. high school I went to) he chose wisely with a top. The funny thing is his arch nemesis is right under him. I figure they’ll be best friends before it’s all said and done. The hubs didn’t take him on a full tour of where his classes are. He has a few that are on the other side of campus so I hope he finds them. He’s not in the least bit stressed about finding his classes and the whole routine and middle school change. IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY THAT HE’S NOT WORRIED ABOUT IT. BECAUSE ME, IM A TOTAL WRECK AND I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO MIDDLE SCHOOL! I needed to get that off my chest. I guess he’ll live, as for me not so much.

Plans For The Week: School starts Tuesday. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday is football practice then Saturday is their first game. Sunday is my hubby’s birthday *whispers* he’s going to be 40!

Picture Thought:
Happy Birthday Honey!


2 thoughts on “Day Book 08/15

  1. I’m the same way about the worry, I’d be a wreck, too. I still have dreams that it’s the first day of whatever grade and I have no idea where all my classes are.

    We have finally seemed to have found a bit of relief from the heat. We just had a heat wave – like the kind where the weatherman advises you not bring your children outside or they might day – but yesterday and today have been fantabulously A/C unneeded kind of days. I hope you get some of those soon!

  2. My two oldest boys are going to be in their schools for the second year and didn’t feel the need to have me take them around and find their classrooms. They think they can find them on their own. Fine! Be grown up!

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