Dear Brad

Dear Brad,

It was so good to finally see you after all these years. It was a long harrowing journey of traffic tie ups and construction but it was so worth it.
My chauffeur was more than happy to drive me and didn’t complain one bit that we sat in traffic like this: Remind me Brad to give the chauffeur a raise.
I tried to be all P.W. like and take pictures of the pretty horses while sitting in traffic. I know she would be amazed at my mad photo skillz. It’s legendary.
We arrived at what we thought was a good hour before the first performance; according to what you told me what was printed on the ticket. Unbeknown to us we arrived 6 hours early and were the first in line to just wait for the gates to open for a day long heat music fest. You coulda called me and let me know..but it’s ok I know you’re busy. At least I can say I was first in line for something.

Once we finally made it in, we could not have been more grateful for the awesome seats that ” the chauffeurs” cousin gave us. They were probably the best seats I’ve had for anything anywhere. Just being in the shade under big huge fans alone was worth it and the view was not too shabby either. There is no way I would have made it in the beating down heat for an hour much less 4-5 hours. A $4.00 bottle of water can only last so long. It finally got to the point that re filling the bottle up from the water fountain was the way to go even though it was warm.
Then you finally came out once the sun was down and things had cooled off for the most part at 9PM after a 100 plus degree day. You looked awesome. You looked exactly how I expected you to look just like I see you on videos and T.V. I could tell you were happy to see me too and knew that you were singing right to me. *Though next time look me in the eyes and sing to me like you mean it…ahem*
The best part of the whole evening is when you sang to the “cheap seats” it was sooo sweet of you. I knew you did this as the best excuse to get closer to me, to really show me that you were happy to see me. I know you were trying to be inconspicuous about it by just casually walking by me less than 10 feet away. Ain’t no dividing bar high enough to keep me from you…. I understand it’s hard to pay only attention to me when hundreds of other screaming girls were in our way. I hope you heard me beneath the crowd when I yelled your name….again eye contact would have been nice. I’m just sayin.

I will say Brad, among the long hours of waiting for you in the blazing heat, it was so worth it. Our distant non existent you don’t know me from Adam, from one celebrity to a psycho fan, relationship will always be just that. Me + You = …well I’m not sure what it equals but it’s special I know that much.




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