Waitin On A Man…

I figure I better throw a post in 10…15…20…minutes before we leave (no telling how long really, cause I’m waitin on a man) because obviously I took a full bloggy break off with no re runs or requests or anything..not that anyone requested anything but that’s neither here nor there.

A few things to mention…

-If you DON’T follow my riveting posts on Facebook (why aren’t you?) than you don’t know that I’m headed to see my boyfriend Brad (Paisley) today. So excited to see my 2nd hometown and boyfriend of course. I just know their waiting for us with a big tinker tape parade to welcome us “home”. ….or not they’ll probably welcome us with crazy traffic instead. That’s ok I’ll take what I can get.

-Another interesting thing happened this week that didn’t happen. NPR tried to contact me to do an interview with them on my expertise of social media and their addicting games. They sure found the right person on that one. Again I missed a golden opportunity, because I was at that place that pays me to do stuff for them. NPR, people that’s the big time! Le Sigh! (waves at NPR)

I would have just loved to tell the guy that gives me my pay check, that I must take about 30 minutes of doing what I get paid to do to take a very important conference call with NPR. The look on his face….

I feel like the door of opportunity keeps knocking and I willingly answer it, only to find it has ran off and left that burning sack of poo, which I then quickly must stamp out.

That’s really all the fascination of this week. Next week is going to be a doozie too. Football practice, back to school prep, and crazy 8 to 5 week oh my!


One thought on “Waitin On A Man…

  1. Well, crap! NPR needs to call you back! And I spend half my time waiting on a man, which is ironic in a household full of women and ONE man… How did that happen?

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