Day Book: 08/01

Outside My Window: It’s pretty dang hot and really to unbearable to go outside. I am happy to report the lawn is mowed as of last night. It was quite the family affair and that is the epitome of my weekend.

I Am Thinking: This week starts the beginning of the crazy train that’s about to occur at work. It’s going to be like the good old days of my old job when August was storm season and work was crazy busy. It’s going to be this same kind of crazy busy but nothing to do with hurricanes. I’m still on the fence of what my next career step should be. Should I stay and wait this out, however long that will be or do I go? At this point just searching the want ads literally makes me queasy.

I Am Hoping: That I’m going to be able to start fresh with school soon. I’m in the process of speaking with the hubby’s college administrator/recruiter person to get me on board. I think it’s going to be a much better experience than what I was doing before…because this time I’m actually talking to a real person to help me get started and she knows the hubby and I’s life history (the hubs is a talker) and she’s pretty confident a lot of my schooling from over 10 years ago will transfer. She thinks I would best be fit with a Visual Communications degree which dabbles in web media, design, photography-editing publishing, topography, etc…which sounds like a perfect fit for me to have a little of all worlds.

I Am Reading: The Help. It’s one of those eye opener kind of stories where you really thought you had some idea of race segregation in the 50’s and 60’s but really (I) was clueless. It’s so good yet at the same time stresses me out in a weird way. It’s awesome really though. I just have to put it down for a day or two to wrap my brain around the ideals of back then to pick it back up again.

Plans For The Week: Thanks to the libraries summer reading program, we’ve scored a ton of tickets to different activities around the city, tomorrow night it’s library night at the minor league baseball game. We’re not fans of the baseball but it may be fun just to get out on a Monday night. I’m also hoping and planning to hit the Art Museum this Thursday, it’s $5.00 after 5 and they’ve had this exhibit for famous movie costumes like from Gone With The Wind, Superman, Star Trek and what not. One of my best work buddies and I have been wanting to go forever and we’re bound and determined to go this week. (Have I mentioned I love having girl buddies that love going to things that my boys would rather have a root canal than going? It’s the best thing ever!)

Last but not least: We’re headed to Big D to see Brad Paisley. The planner in me wants to reserve a room and plan other weekend activities while we’re there. We’re heading down early Sat. morning and just want to hang out in our favorite city until the show and get a room for the night and head back Sunday. The hubs just wants to “wing it” which drives me crazy, either way I can not wait!

Also This Week: I think I’m going to take a bloggy break and run some reruns of WW, and other posts that I feel worthy of repeating. I’m also going to do a couple of “special request” posts. If you have a special request rerun you’d like me to post let me know…because I’m sure digging through my archives is not on most people’s priority list. I’ll be happy to do the digging for you. That is, if I can even find it myself.

Picture Thought: You would think with a new camera cord, that I would be going to town taking pics. Not so much really. I think that will all change after this week if everything goes as planned I should have a plethora by next week.


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