Thursday 13: Reasons Why I’m Addicted To Frontierville

I know.. your rolling your eyes and thinking I covered this with Farm Town..and then it was Farmville. Well, this one is different dang it.
I also know this was supposed to be posted on Thursday. What can I say I’m a rebel.

1. You have to “burn” energy to do things like chop wood or feed your animals or harvest crops etc. To get energy you need food. You see where this is going? No food no energy. It’s a never ending cycle. At first it was annoying but now not so much.

2. Frontierville gives you missions, once you complete one that builds on to the next mission. Some are lame and some are challenging. Like getting a husband is a lot of work in Frontierville.

3. You can get a husband in Frontierville…then make him do all the work. To bad you don’t get double energy, cause I really had thought it would be that way. Let’s not mention your child.

4. Let’s do mention the child. To complete one of the child missions you have to “feed” it, clothe it and something else, I can’t remember. It takes 400 food to feed a kid. That’s a lot of dang food. It took me 2-3 days to build up that much food and not “feed” myself just to feed my kid. When I reached 400 the kid sucked me dry and I now have to build my food supply back up. It’s so real world. Did I mention I have a slight addiction?

5. Frontierville friends are the best friends ever. They give you rare things that you can’t seem to get one of but you have 15 of something else they may need. Yes I have a few of my addiction suppliers. I couldn’t have provided my child with a warm wooley coat with out them.

6. Extra challenges include snakes, bears and gophers oh my!

7. I actually get excited when a neighbor has gotten married or finally built that barn…general store… or school they were building. Did I mention it’s actually work to do this stuff?

8. I love that I can rotate everything around. Not so much in farmville. It annoys me.

9. You build up little collections to get other items like energy, food, trees, and animals. They do the same in farmville but it’s not quite as fun.

10. The little avatars are so cute with their frontier looks. (Are you paying attention? Cause this is fascinating stuff)

11. You can custom your building colors and appearance how you want. It’s the little things that thrill me.

12. The trees and grass grow back so you have to constantly keep it maintained. More work of course but so much fun!

13. Running out of energy/food prevents you from being stuck to long at one time. Cause if one never ran out of energy, one would never leave the game. (Yes.. the energy rebuilds over an hours time.)

Now doesn’t this all sound wonderful and a lot of work and make you want to hop on Frontierville on facebook and be my neighbor? Won’t you please…please won’t you be my neighbor? I’ll chop your wood…feed your chickens…whatever you want me to do.


3 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Reasons Why I’m Addicted To Frontierville

  1. I will continue to supply you with anything that you need. Just let me know. Now… I’m off to see if I can build my 14th chicken coop to get that one last brown egg so that I can move on…. there’s not much else that I can do since my whole frontier is filled with peanuts… we’re going to be working on that one for awhile… 1500 peanuts planted and harvested… i’ve got 833 planted… so i’m over half way there!

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