Day Book 07/25

**WARNING! We interrupt this very blah post to add a plethora of random pics that have been trapped in my camera for the last month. Proceed with caution!!**

Outside My Window: It’s hot and it has drained every ounce of energy in my well being. It’s not helping that the AC is on the fritz…add it to my growing list of overwhelming things my plate is holding right now. We’re ok really..the dirt on top of the house keeps it way cooler than the average we’ll live. Oh and guess what? Just heard a clap of thunder to help cool things off a bit. I’ll take it.

I Am Hearing: The hubs watching Hercules (I know he’s weird like that) and the thunder.

This was the only decent pic of VBS I took. There was lots of moving and singing going on and my photo taking heart just wasn’t into it.

I Am Hoping: This week is a better week. I won’t keep my hopes up though. Susie Sunshine at your service. We survived football camp. In other words here’s some random pics of football camp.

I Am Thinking: Things are a double edged sword around here. When I’m at home I’m relaxed and not too stressed over the work situation but then the “home” situation stresses and worries me. When I’m at work I’m focused on the work at hand it’s stresses and not so much on the home front. I literally have the glass half empty optimism… Saturday nights I’m down and sad because the weekend is half over.

The best thing about work last week was eating this. I put my co workers into a banana pudding coma. I think I even put one co worker to tears. I think I found my signature pot luck dish.

A Few Weekend Highlights: I took the kids to the Science Musuem aka the Omniplex which is what we called it back in my day. You would have thought that I had taken them to Disney World, they were maniacs and had a blast.

Can we say 4 story tree house with super 4 story slide? WoW..they didn’t have that when I was a kid. Lots to do!
Would you believe the coolest part this one thought of the museum was talking on the phone to his brother. mmm…k. This one just cracks me up. Can we say mugshot?

The SegWay track was awesome also. I chickened out and didn’t try it but all the boys did. Of course I have pics..but again they are still trapped in my camera just begging to get out. “I’m rollin on my Segway…I’m just too white n nerdy My little sis even tried it out too. She had as much fun as her nephews.

Plans For The Week: I’m not sure, it’s going to be another same o same o.

Picture Thought: It again is driving me crazy that the blog has suddenly become a pictureless blog. I’m also trying to come up with a new header…time for some color, the orange is reminding me of this scorching heat and I think it’s time to cool things off. Last but not least…one more random pic.


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