Carrying Through

I took that crazy out of my norm step yesterday/today and as expected, it didn’t quite go as planned…sorta. I did do something out of my comfort level and that was probably the best lesson learned of it all. That I CAN do things out of my comfort level and guess what? I lived to tell about it.

I know you’re asking what the heck did you do? First off I communicated my “disappointment” of the whole transfer freeze thing, to that important person at the place you report to every day (can I be more vague?). Nothing much going out of that. I did inquire what not could be done for me to encourage me to keep on keepin on and not jump ship completely. I was strongly encouraged to stay, of course. Nothing really accomplished in that, other than I could have the whole dang week that I don’t really need, if needed. I was firm that I needed a specific day not mentioned, were still working on it. I guess that’s something. Let’s just also say, I’ve got a few upper heads nervous.
I then did something way out of the norm and applied at a place where people shop for transportation for the position of selling transportation to people. I’m not sure why I did it…the ad in the paper might have somewhat persuaded me. I’ve always considered that I couldn’t sell water to a dehydrated rich man in the desert, why would I think I could sell transportation to people? I’m still not sure on that one. Desperate times desperate measures.
I applied and interviewed and they wanted me to attend this training session tomorrow, and Friday. My interview was today. Uhm If you’ve been playing along at home, you would know that requesting time off from the place that pays me has been a sticky situation, hence my situation of trying to transfer. Giving no notice with out being really sick, out of the question. I’m not the type to falsely state things to be off. It’s just not in my nature. If I’m off for being sick I’m sick (for or of something). It just didn’t feel like the right situation. I was sooo on the fence though.
I really did the “whole” go out of my comfort level thing just as a test to myself and nothing else really. I passed. I guess. I carried completely through with everything I set out to do. Now I know when the situation is right, I know I will do it and carry through. Hopefully it will work out in the end, the next time.

I’m going to say that I have to be vague because I am beyond paranoid about anything that could be misconstrued or whatever on ye ol blog. I’m not sure why…I just feel like the satellites are beaming back and forth from outer space and their watching my every move man. *Shifting eyes back and forth…looking over shoulder*


2 thoughts on “Carrying Through

  1. Well, you know, there is a certain someone in a state out West who might perchance, read your blog, who feels your pain. And this certain person might, just might, wish you good luck on all your stepping out of the box. 😉

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