Day Book: 07/18

Outside My Window: “Hace calor..mucho calor…could fry an egg on the cement it’s so caliente” I think I’m singing that right. Do they still sing that on Sesame Street? ..anyone? ..Bueller? ..Bueller?

I Am Hearing: Lots of death and destruction…from the wii, and the computers. A typical Sunday afternoon.

I Am Hoping: To stand and deliver tomorrow. Wish me luck, it’s going to be interesting. Can’t go into details just yet. All I can is I’ve had a small epiphany and I’m dusting myself off and going in like gang busters.

I Am Thinking: I’ve got a lot on my mind as you can imagine. I am so grateful for my blog friends and my new real life friends. I would be a complete hopeless mess without your support. I maybe hopeless but at least I know I’ve got friends that have got my back, and when you have that; nothing is completely hopeless.

Plans For The Week: Monday as I mentioned, I’m going in like gang busters. Something tells me big change is on the horizon in some way and it’s going to be completely out of my comfort zone and that is ok.
We also have our first official start of football tomorrow. It’s a football camp but that’s close enough. I just hope they don’t melt in the heat even at 6:30. I admit I’m nervous for the two of them. Gameboy and Bossyboy are the only 2 playing, most likely Wonderboy will never be able to play full contact sports, simply because he only has one carotid artery (that main vein in your’s pretty important for blood supply to the case you didn’t know). We may be assuming wrong and he can play but it’s really not his thing anyway. He has big plans to be the school mascot some day. Something tells me he will.

Picture Thought: Hopefully I’ll get my camera cord this week and it will solve all of my life’s problems…at least my photo problems. If this doesn’t do it, it’s the camera and I might have to crawl in fetal position and cry for a very long time. If you don’t hear from me in a few days you’ll know why.


2 thoughts on “Day Book: 07/18

  1. Good luck tomorrow. You are going to be great.

    Don’t tell anyone, but my oldest is going to be the school mascot this year and he is so excited! It sucks because I can’t tell anyone because it’s super secret, but I am really excited for him!

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