A Few Things I Did Today….

because I know you really want to know.

-Cleaned my bedroom/bathroom like really cleaned it. Cleaning can be therapeutic, it’s just the getting started part that’s hard for me.

-Listened to Working 9 to 5 by Dolly over 20 times on the Ipod. It was my theme song for the day.

-Went through a load of old college and school papers. Trig notes from high school which really made me wonder “Why the heck did I feel I needed to take Trig Sr. year?” I mean really? really? Someone talked me into it I’m sure.

-Found all 3 of my ACT score sheets 19, 21, and 22 respectively. Average really. At that time I felt it was horrible, hence why I took it 3 times.

-Found a letter written to my future self May 12th 1996, a few days before high school graduation. I cried a little.

-Stepped outside to take out trash and sweep the grass and melted a little.

-Found the high school counselors notes from Jr. year stating I only needed 3 credits to graduate Sr. year. Oklahoma History and English Comp. Yet I still felt I needed to take Trig. Uhm…I’ve never had to use cosine, or sine since and never will.

-Opened my first Ebay/Pay Pal account (I usally used the hubs)

-Bid on my first item: USB CABLE FOR SONY CYBERSHOT DSC-T2/P DSC-T2/W DSC-T5 for .07 cents. So far I’m winning. Shipping is a whopping $3.99 Hoping this releases “my trapped soul”

-Fixing chicken and rice casserole for dinner, something I haven’t fixed in over a year. Something I used to fix several times a month.

Yeah that’s about it, nothing exciting really.


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