So I’ve been a bit touch and go lately on the blog. I blame my camera woes. I feel like my soul is trapped in the body of my camera and just begging to get out and that’s made me scarce on the blog…or something like that. Disclaimer:This opening paragraph has nothing to do with this post. That’s the random in me and that’s how I roll.

Yesterday one of my good lunch buddies asked if I wanted to throw caution to the wind and go shopping with her after work..gasp on a work night! I almost told her that we should completely skip work right that second and leave the premises to shop. See you don’t understand. I live with a bunch of boys and any kind of “shopping trip” is like dragging them by their molars to be tortured and beaten with clothes, make up, shoes, and accessories (none of which I ever get to buy..because it’s work and it also costs money). The sad little part of this is that I haven’t been shopping with girls/ a girl since the creation of man or shopping malls or something like that. Sure, I’ve had my indulging days with my mother in law on Christmas but even that hasn’t happened in a few years and that’s different.
I just have to say it was freeing. We took our sweet time, and she tried on clothes after clothes after clothes, while I watched and gave my approval or disapproval and then we browsed and shopped some more. The funny thing was we didn’t just hit the mall, we hit an upscale consignment shop, and Ross. Had it been my crew of complaining boys, we would have been done with just the mall. I admit, I was exhausted but on the same end it was a good exhausted. The mall, and shopping was my oyster and my buddy was always one step ahead of me on where to go and what to look at and she for sure didn’t feel like she was being dragged. I think at first she thought she was dragging me.

I’ve already mentioned when my ship comes in we have to go again (of course) but this time we have to head to Dallas to the outlet malls and just wear our selves out silly. Plans are already in the works to do another escapade with our other lunch buddy on a weekend.
Next thing you know, I’ll be talking them into getting a Pedi. I insist on having my first pedi done by someone else by 33. Which for those keeping track at home is in October.
Although I didn’t buy a single thing for me, I got the best deal out of it by just getting to be a girl for change and doing what girls like to do, with a girl. (Hope that sentence didn’t sound funny…or that I get weird google hits from it.)


3 thoughts on “GNO

  1. I have learned that you HAVE to make girl time! Just like you said, it does something for the soul and helps us to realize that we are an individual, not just a mother/wife. Nothing extreme, just a cup of coffee and a little chatting is all you need! Lifts the spirits; good for you!

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