Day Book: 07/11

Outside My Window: It was a dark and stormy night…

I Am Hearing: The hum of the ‘puter and the hubs killing things on his game. Ahh, such peacefulness.

I Am Thinking: My brain hurts from doing mathematical equations..don’t ask. It also doesn’t seem real that it’s already the 11th/12th day of the month. Wasn’t the 4th just like yesterday?

I Am Hoping: I do have some hopes about a few things but again, I don’t like to get over anxious and say anything too soon. Hope Floats ya know…and when it doesn’t float anymore and that stinks. (This has been another deep thought by Jean the crazy blogger girl)

In Case You Missed It On Facebook: The hubs and I got tickets to see Brad Paisley in Dallas, from his cousin who can’t go. (Insert squeeing with excitement here) I can’t believe it’s been almost right at a year since we’ve stepped foot in Texas and I miss it and can’t wait to see it and Brad too. I think it’s the best 40th birthday present a person could get. The hubs birthday not mine ahem.

Additionally: We saw Toy Story 3 today(Sunday). Loved it! I must say it was probably the best of the 3. I also would say if you haven’t seen it and feel you’ll miss out not seeing it in 3D, you won’t! The story line was what made it and the comedy helped too. The previews did not give everything away, which was a plus.

A Note To My Mother: Mom, we believe the turtles have landed and are taking over the under belly of the drive way. We found “Spike” and his wife both headed toward a largish hole under the drive way near the circle. We were trying to find one and tickle it with a toothbrush to make it wiggle it’s tushie (it just made ours walk really fast).
ahem…as I was saying….

Plans For The Week: The boys are off to Bible School this week with grandma, which makes three weeks in a row the boys have stayed with grandma through out the week. I’m thinking she’s going to be way beyond glad to get rid of them for awhile after this. For me of course it’s the same o same o.

Last But Not Least: The hubs signed (the house, dogs and right arm away..not really) Gameboy and Bossyboy up for football. Sigh I’m not sure I’m ready to give up my lazy evenings when coming home from work. At least it gives me an opportunity to take pics. of them doing something else for a change.

Speaking of Pics: The camera and I are having a marital spat (you didn’t know I was also married tomy camera?) I thought a few weeks ago the battery was having issues when plugging up the camera to the computer, turns out it has to be the plug shorting out the battery. This is causing great frustration to not be able to upload pics, I’m chomping at the bit really. We’ll get a new plug soonish. Their pretty cheap online actually. So how about a random old pic instead? Great, I knew you’d understand!
I mentioned my Mcdonald’s glass collection, and how I found my mom’s old Smurf glasses that I had dreamed that I would always own for myself one day. Oh yes, I crawled up on the counter tops to take pictures of my pride and joys.

White N Nerdy and proud of it!


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