Houdini’s Dog

Remember that time at band camp…wait wrong post. Remember that crazy dog of my mine? The one who busted through a wooden door? Yeah, he has some issues.

We have to put them in the garage when exiting the premises. We used to be able to just let them free style it in the garage until we discovered that they have been in the process of tearing(chewing, clawing) down the entry door to the garage. Since my husband is now married to Craig and his list, he found a dog kennel cage that would keep him secure and safe from getting into stuff he shouldn’t and from tearing down every door in our house.
When we got the cage it was good and sturdy as it was, and no normal dog should be able to get out. Remember he’s a good 50lb dog. See he looks like this in case you forgot… We reinforced it with cord ties, just in case. The first test was when I took the kids to swim lessons on Monday. I was a gone an hour and twenty minutes tops. I open the garage and low and behold both dogs come running out. Bella isn’t a door buster so she was allowed to roam in the garage. I was shocked that this crazy Houdini dog of mine could get out of his cage. There was no busted cage door or even the slightest indication of escape except for slight bending of the bottom of the cage. This means folks, that my DOG squeezed through a very very narrow opening in a kennel cage designed to hold them in. Here, I’ll give you a visual-

I just wish that I could have had the video camera on that. Unbelievable!

We reinforced the bottom of the cage again and left him again. This time he didn’t get out but he was able to completely do a 180 turn of the cage, like a hamster rolling a hamster wheel and turning it right side back up. I’m not sure how that works either. And that’s all I have to say about that.


2 thoughts on “Houdini’s Dog

  1. Good grief! And does the photo depict the cage he was able to accomplish this in? Cause I can kinda see being able to get it over on it’s side, but how on earth would he get back up on the end? Next time you leave, you have got to leave a video camera running on him!

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