Day Book: 07/05 Weekend Update

Outside My Window: Is a garden hose flowing out an unimaginable amount of water from inside our AC vents. You really don’t want to know. It is sunny for a change compared to the rest of the weekend.

I am thinking: Recovering really. I stupidly rushed the hubs and I to see Eclipse with a work friend and did not eat, except the popcorn the entire day. Needless to say after the movie (in which we literally had to sit in the very front row to sit together) I was sick. I’m a little better now though.

I am hoping: That my 6 year old will eventually over come his fear of the water. He’s really not afraid to get in and play, except when he’s required to jump in and face the possibility of going under. It broke my heart to see him in such agony/fear to have to jump..which the swim teacher was right there to catch him but that didn’t seem to matter. I know that fear…his fear is my same kind of fear/anxiety not jumping in the water but you get my drift. No matter who or what can tell you to just “jump in” it’s just not that easy. Mind over matter, the mind always wins.
He ran all around the swimming pool and didn’t even want to come to me and be comforted and reminded that it’s ok. The head teacher finally grabbed him and told him we’re jumping in together. They did and he was “ok”. I just hope it doesn’t scar him and that did the trick. He acted ok and seemed proud of himself, so we’ll see.

The Weekend: Was pretty relaxing actually. It rained most of Saturday and Sunday. We lit off a few fireworks, ate some burgers from the grill and watermelon. It’s not Independence Day with out watermelon.

The boy Wonder does not like watermelon and this whole watermelon eating set was indeed just that, a set up. I love that these boys just go with it on their mother’s crazy photo shoots. I know it won’t be much longer when they will completely refuse.

I promise we were not trying to blow up the flag in this picture. It’s all about perception.

I could not for the life of me get the night time shots of the neighborhood competition of fire works that were going in every direction of our house. It really did seem like the neighbors were competing with each other on who was loudest/prettiest. I think the smoke/moisture in the air/ idiot (me) trying to work the settings was not in my favor.

Plans For The Week: The boys are off again for the week with Grandma so they can continue with swimming lessons. We have no other majors plans. I do look forward to a short week and we’ll see where the week takes us.

Last but not least: I appreciated your concern for the loss of my beloved Twilight books. I really am ok with them being gone and he has made for it by allowing me to drag him to Eclipse and then sit and suffer in the very first row of the theater. I liked getting up close and personal with Jacob but no so much that I could see his nose hair and then feel like Bella could just scoop me up in her mouth and eat me like a Cheeto. The movie lived up to the book as close as possible, and for that I think it was by far the better of the 3. The hubs enjoyed it too for the most part. Ooh and guess what? They made a movie of Eat, Pray, Love and Julia Roberts is the main character! I think it’s going to be great!

Last Picture Thought: This one’s for you mom.


4 thoughts on “Day Book: 07/05 Weekend Update

  1. Oh, I love it! Matching shirts! If only I could get John to do that!
    Also? You are lucky to be able to get your hubs to take you to see Eclipse! Although I guess we probably would if we could find the time.
    It looks like you, your kids, (and the neighborhood), had a wonderful Forth. I’m glad!

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