The Garage Sale

We the hubs had a garage sale Friday. We he had a lot of junk that we have hauled around and around with us from on move to the next and to the next and it was time for it to go.
I was skeptical of the sale in general….because 98% of it in my opinion was/is junk and who really wants to buy this crap? I felt like I should be paying the people to take it off my hands. We the hubs has been working day after day gutting out the garage, moving junk from one part of the garage to the other, to the sun room. There have been days where I just didn’t want to come home because it was so over whelming.

We had been putting it off week after week because it really is just a pain in the arse, but he finally did it, he had the sale. I came home from work and 90% of our his crap was sold. He wheeled and dealed and sold computer parts and lord knows what else for dirt cheap. Then he did the unthinkable…he let them in the house to find what ever else they could find to buy. Well not the entire house but one tiny section of the house in the sun room that is MY book shelf. Among all the sea of junk in the sun room, people went directly to the book shelf in the very far corner and bought ALL OF MY TWILIGHT BOOKS! My hubs who was busier than a one armed man in a one man band, allowed people to buy MY books! Remember the book thief who ate the first Twilight book? The book that the first 10 pages were completely eaten by the book thief? THEY BOUGHT THAT ONE TOO! The one book they didn’t buy was Eclipse and that’s because I’m actually reading that one and had it with me.
I’m not even sure what to think. In all honesty I probably wouldn’t pick them up and read them again any time soon. I picked up Eclipse because I want to refresh my memory before I see it. It was my favorite so… I’m livid but ok with it at the same time. It’s the whole principle really. I understand that he was crazy busy and had to call my parents for back up. He said there was times when there were 5-10 people there at once and it got to the point where the kids were wheeling and dealing also.

My mother has had garage sales before and to clear a hundred bucks in two days was miraculous. The hubs cleared way more than that and didn’t even leave it open for the amount of time he wanted. He was just that exhausted and had no clue it would be that successful. Oh but this is not about that, it’s about the fact that he sold MY TWILIGHT BOOKS! Huff!
He tells me of course I would have never noticed, if he hadn’t mentioned that he did sell some of my books but wasn’t sure what ones. I’ve been digging through my shelf to see what else he sold. I can’t really tell. I got rid of a lot of my books in the last sale and kept the books most important to me. I’m about to go back in there because I think someone got Pride and Prejudice too. NOT PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!


5 thoughts on “The Garage Sale

  1. BWAHAHAHA! OH NO, Not Pride and Prejudice, too!
    You know… he really did well with the sale and now there’s all that loot from it you can spend on something…
    New books? 😉

  2. Oh no, seriously? My hubby would be dead meat if he did something like that (although I have a looser grip on my books, for me it would be my scrapbooking materials). I think he owes you the money to replace the books right off the top (along with a BIG apology and perhaps dinner/massage, whatever!). Whether you want to actually replace them or use that money to buy some new ones or something else is up to you. But seriously, I’ve never even heard of letting garage salers walk around in your house. You never know what might come up missing that they didn’t even try to pay for! Crazy!

  3. I would immediately confiscate the money he earned and buy them again! But this time in paperback so they are cheaper! LOL Glad the mess is gone, but sorry about your books!

  4. Sorry, This don’t fly. She has sold and junked so many things of mine, a few books isn’t even going to be compared to the amount I lost. She was warned that everything that was in the sun porch was for sale! If you don’t move them, you lose them. She would have not even known they were gone for years unless I told her.

    Oh about garage sale people walking through the house, no… just the sun porch. On the other side of the glass of the sun porch was two barking dogs. I don’t think anyone wanted to open that door.

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