Day Book 06/28

Outside My Window: Can’t complain, it wasn’t too hot today. I’m sure tomorrow will be hotter.

I am Hearing: A distant fan… pretty quiet around here actually.

I am Thinking: I’m starving. Salad and Soup for lunch around 11am does not stick to your ribs til 7 at night.

I am Hoping: for new adventures and change. I’m not one to take change easily but I’m feeling really impatient and anxious for anything just to switch things up a bit at this point.

Plans for the week: The boys are spending most of the week with my parents for swimming lessons. I’m hoping for a date night with in that time frame, cause there’s this certain movie that’s coming out and well… you know. Other than that not much going on. I am looking forward to that 3 day weekend coming.

I am Reading: Still reading Eclipse.

Picture Thought: This little beauty was on my car antennae while on our way to the air show a couple of weekends ago. It’s like he was begging me to take his picture.

To bad I don’t have one of those awesome tele -zoom lenses.


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