Monkey See Monkey Do

I’m sitting outside enjoying my 4th maybe.. 5th sno cone of the season with my boys, thinking of the things boys should be doing that mine don’t really do or think to do. I’m staring at this tree that has been in my yard or planted since we moved in when I was 5 or 6.
I think it’s a maple tree or something. I’m not to good with my trees. (Sorry Mr. Capron God rest your soul..I appreciated you taking us to the park and making us do a leaf collection and learning the different trees but it just never stuck.) I’m thinking it’s the perfect climbing tree. That’s when I dared my oldest to be a boy already and climb that dang tree. He shouldn’t have to have his mother TELL him to climb a tree, it should just be natural boy instinct.

I think I dusted off the cob webs in his brain and he was off with out hesitation to climb that tree.

Then his baby brother decided that he could climb it too…with a little help of course.

He didn’t quite enjoy it as much as he thought he would. (That is his mom hurry and take the picture and get me down look.)

Then this grown woman of all things, thinks she’s nimble and agile and can climb trees too…she somehow forgot that she’s not 10 anymore. It was a little more challenging than she estimated, and she feared for a broken bone or two and someone’s gotta go to work, and put food on the table..and clean the house…oh wait she doesn’t really clean the house anyway. But still…
She chickened out at the first impasse.

P.S. I’m sure your wondering about the 4th monkey. He’s not that into trees.


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