Thursday 13: Things I Feel I Need To Tell

Alternate title: Another Reason To Just Ramble Randomly.

1. Tonight I broke in the riding lawn mower. For those who don’t know…my mother has had her riding lawn mower for a good twenty years..probably more than that. It was her baby and it basically would only run for her. She knew exactly the exact starter fluid, oil and gas combination to put in it to get it to start. She also would take have to take it in at least twice a summer to get it fixed..lucky for her my cousin is a lawn mechanic guy. I just know that he’s probably wanted to tell her for the past ten years (at least) that it’s time to give her up already. Well this year was finally the year to throw in the towel. Mom this lawn mower has a cup holder! How about them apples!

2. We had Bueno tonight and my darling youngest child dumped his entire drink in my lap. Thank goodness it didn’t have ice, it was cold enough already. His response ” Sorry mom, I’ll get a napkin” Thanks son…but I needed more than just A napkin. The hubs states that the look on my face was priceless. That was the look of- I just got an entire deluge of very cold liquid dumped in my lap.

3. We are in the depths of despair of junk all in the driveway and garage. We’re going to try to have a garage sale this week but we are so overwhelmed with just going through stuff and throwing it away /deciding what to sell that I’m at the point where I don’t want to come home until say next week.. when it’s all said and done and over with. GAH!

4. So I would tell you about the “thing” but it didn’t happen so we move on…nothing to see here.

5. I’ve applied for other “options” in the work place. I figure I may have better luck there. Which should give you a slight idea of what I’m referring to in #4.

6. We watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the other night and I’m really tempted to read the last book. Would it be really bad if I mentioned I’ve only read book 1 and 2? (ducks from rotten tomatoes being thrown) Could I get by with reading 7 by just watching the movie of book 6?

7. Speaking of movies… Eclipse is coming out next week. Squee! I’m hoping that my lunch girls and I are going to take a GNO. I’m reading Eclipse again. Slowly but surely. I have to say I don’t think I’m enjoying it quite as much as I did the first time. Would it be sad to say it does seem “juvenile”? Shame on me. I will enjoy the eye candy movie though.

8. A few things I’ve dug up in our junk/garage sell quest… my cabbage patch dolls, my neighbor sister girls Taboo game… I know it wasn’t MINE L cause I never had Taboo. Smurf glasses from Hardees from the 80’s – I had no idea my mom still had them. I actually had considered buying them from Ebay cause I really wanted the set back.

9. I really want to see Toy Story 3 this weekend. I want in on this hype nostalgia cry at the end bandwagon. Please.

10. Yeah I probably should have thought of exactly 13 things…

11. This is my hubby. Gas station shades- check Goatee- check Rollin in his lawn mower check He didn’t think get a kick out it as much I did. Dad Life I’m sorry it’s not the actual video here but WordPress is picky about it’s coding and I’m too tired to mess with it too much. It’s funny. It’s worth it. I promise.

12. Dang I don’t have a 12 or a 13. You’re probably so over this post any way.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Things I Feel I Need To Tell

  1. My hubby wants a riding lawn mower so bad! Not that he ever mows the lawn…the boys do that. Not that we have a huge lawn…we live on less than a quarter acre. He just wants one! And that video was hilarious!

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