Day Book: Father’s Day Weekend

Outside My Window: We’ve got it! So much so that my normally easy to tan Indian blooded husband got sun burnt taking pictures like this
and of course this,

I’m thinking: I’ve really got a lot on my mind and just down on myself for various reasons not anything I’m really up to blog about…I know what’s the point in blogging if one doesn’t blog about it? I’m just not in the mood to be all woe is me, I’m feeling blah because such and such and such…woe is me. I’ll just try to keep myself distracted and not be the Debbie Downer of the weekend and post more weekend pics.

I’m hoping: I’m feeling hopeless at this point. I’m sorry where are those distracting pics of the weekend? That’s better. Looks like it’s headed straight into the ear canal doesn’t it? Ok humor me a little.

Plans For The Week: Nothing out of the unusual. Wonder Boy had an eye doctor visit on Friday, his eyes require a specialist cause well, their “special” Over the past several years doctors have told us that he needs surgery to align the muscles in his eyes to help with the crossing. We have either put it off or the doctors have put it off. This doctor specialist told us he didn’t think he needed surgery and in fact is putting him on a weaker lens as he thinks they have improved. That’s a first. So Wonder Boy is off to a special trip with grandma tomorrow for new glasses. The doc wants him back in 3 months to see the results. Atleast some kind of silver lining on my cloudy blah week.
The Boy Wonder himself.

Here’s where I show you the rest of the weekend fireworks to close off the airshow and spare you from the other one hundred plus photos of airplanes. You are so very welcome!
The waiting for the fireworks was enough to drive us all insane. When the paper says 930, by dang it they better not mean 10pm because that is a big difference. Then there were the mosquitoes the size of Jersey Cows, milking us of every last drop of blood. My patience had wore thin and the fireworks didn’t impress me that much. I blame it on being cranky.
I did get this shot and was a slight bit impressed with my accidental ninja photo skills.
After a full day of activity on Saturday, Father’s Day was pretty quiet and lazy.


One thought on “Day Book: Father’s Day Weekend

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the helpless / blah feelings – those are no fun whatsoever. On a plus note, that picture of Wonder Boy looking out at the fireworks kind of takes my breath away and that last shot of the fireworks is also pretty terrific.

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