Just For The Record….

I feel like the epitome of a non fascinating blogger…not that I ever was fascinating but you know.

(btw you’re supposed to start each sentence with Just for the record)

we finally ate at TEDS. Remember TEDS, with the whole couples therapy Barbie theater thing? It was deliciousioso of course!

we went to the auto auction tonight just to look around. Remember the whole auto auction, where we got a steal of a deal on “Brutus” the 4WD and then the engine died? No we didn’t buy anything, hubs just likes to look around. Kind of like window shopping for expensive shoes. You know you’re not going to buy but you look anyway.

Remember that one time in band camp? never mind….

we found unsuspected hail damage on Brutus and are having the insurance/car repair place take a look at it. Remember that crazy hail we had and tornadoes? We think, Brutus must have had some minor damage when I had taken it to work that day of the tornadoes. Brutus is the SUV btw

I have that “thing” tomorrow. I’m kind of anxious and nervous and everything else but then again not really. Whatever will be will be.


3 thoughts on “Just For The Record….

  1. Just For The Record, I LOVE the name Brutus for your “beast”! Perfect!
    Good luck on that “Thing”, t Let us know what happens!
    And you are NOT “non fascinating”!

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