Day Book 06/13

Outside My Window: Sunny with a slight chance of sunny. A perfect day for doing a little of this…
I’ve found a new addiction making photo collages. It’s become a sickness, so much so that I’d post one every day but I must refrain and only post one when necessary. (crossing fingers behind back)

I Am Thinking: I am stuffed to the gills after my awesome hubby surprised me by finally taking me to Teds. I believe he was impressed, it takes a lot to impress him Mexican food wise because nothing compares to our special fondness for the Tex Mex in Texas of course.

I Am Hoping: For a good week of course.

Lots of plans for the week: Wednesday is that “thing” I mentioned. Wish me luck on that..if you don’t mind. Friday Wonder Boy finally gets his eye appointment. He has to go to a specialist for his eyes and I booked the appointment late February. They probably are going to insist he get surgery, which we’ve put off way to long. I’ll have to see how much the insurance is going to cover…that’s the tricky part.
We also hope to go to the air show this coming weekend. One of the perks of being close to the air base.

Things I Did Get Done This Weekend: Cleaning out my disaster of a car and getting it vacuumed out. Can you guess the number one thing sucked up by the giant vacuum? If you guessed fries than you are my best friend and must also always find fries in odd crevices of your car. I also cleaned out my bedroom.
Things I Didn’t Get Done This Weekend: Wonder Boys room- close but not close enough. I’m afraid this kid is going to be a hoarder when he grows up. He keeps everything…he had a Christmas catalog flyer from Wal-Mart, and a bunch of random other stuff. Pretty scary.

I Am Currently Reading: Nothing yet but looking for ideas. I normally have a list of books I want to read in my purse. I took the kids to the library and I walked up and down the aisles trying to find a book on my list but one never jumped out. I was totally blank on what I wanted. Heaven forbid I just grab a book I’ve never heard of, it just would be breaking some kind of to do list code or something.

One more picture thought:
You would have thought I was making these boys sit in fire when taking this pics. “Mom, this grass is really itching.” “Can we hurry up, cause I’m so done with this”


2 thoughts on “Day Book 06/13

  1. I can’t remember, are you a Twilight fan? Cause she’s got that new book out, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – about one of the newborn vamps from Eclipse. That’s what I’ll probably be reading when I finish my current book from the Percy Jackson series.

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