Day Book 06/06

Outside My Window: It’s dark and way past my bedtime but I felt I had to get a post in.

I Am Hearing: The hubs who is supposedly submitting his weekly college homework…but sounds like he’s downloading files or something, I keep hearing pops and dings which are similar to what you hear when something is done downloading. Whatever…

Hopes: I have a few hopes for the weeks/days to come but it’s way to premature to even share or mention..just thoughts for now.

I AM Thinking: We had a whirl wind of a trip to Missouri of all places today. Specifically to the hubby’s dad’s side of the family reunion. We haven’t been since we left for Texas 11 years ago. Let’s just say we were over due and didn’t have an excuse as “distance” was no longer an excuse.

A Few More Things About The Trip: I don’t do well with masses of people I don’t know. Who me? I know. Needless to say, I kept my youngest two entertained by hanging at the park on the other side of where the reunion was and paid $5.00 to enter a musuem just so they could go indoors where it was cooler potty..well and to just look around too. We were the only ones in the museum…it’s really small so nothing much to write home about. Here’s a little story about our trip to the museum…

Once upon a time there was a teeny tiny museum with lots of old stuff like antique furniture and circus model train set thingys and they were kind of neat to look at. The funnest part was the fun house mirror.

We took lots of pictures of cool things like old fire trucks ….

and very old rocks……
Then right as we snapped this very last shot, the mean museum curator lady told us we couldn’t take pictures in her museum and the children cried and we ran out of the museum as fast as we could. The mommy thought it silly since the mean curator lady had to have seen the obvious giant camera around her neck when we paid and could have told her then and there were no signs. The End!

Disclaimer: No flash photography was used in the making of this little story; so no antique items were harmed during the filming process.

Last Picture Thought:

They had the “non-blood” related picture other words The Out-Laws. Why yes I do realize that I have way to much time on my hands…wait scratch that…I have way little time on my hands but prefer to edit a Wanted Poster and upload photos than do things constructive like laundry and dishes.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 06/06

  1. And here I thought I was all creative with my “out-laws” thing. Me and my brother-in-law hang out together when we’re all at the in-laws! 🙂

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