Why Can’t He Just Stay 5 Forever?

That little dude in the middle is 6 today. Oh my heart.

Here is his birthday interview.

Name: Bossy Boy (not his real name for those new around here)

Age: 6
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Subject in school: Centers
What do you want to be when you grow up? Movie Star (I don’t think he’s really given it much thought before.)
Favorite Book of all time? Dr. Dan The Band Aide Man (Basically the book he read last night, which means any book he’s read is his fave…are you enjoying the interpretation?)
If you could be any animal what would it be? Rhino…”cause when you get by it…you go (insert crashing sound effect here) and you die”
Best memory of being 5: playing video games
Worst memory of being 5: One time Jordan kissed me right here (points to hand) and I got angry. (Can I add that this son of mine is chased and kissed incessantly at recess by the girls, he says he hates it but I think he does actually enjoy it.)

Favorite T.V. show: He wants to say Avatar here…I’ve tried to explain..he’s stubborn. The thing is he’s the strangest kid I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t sit still well watching T.V. or movies. He can only do it for so long and then he’s off playing in his or his brothers room for hours. I’m not complaining, Im just saying.

Favorite Movie: Avatar he’s never really seen the whole movie just the bits and pieces. (He likes the fighting scenes..of course.)
Favorite Sports Team: Jaguars (He doesn’t really know he just likes Jaguars)

Favorite Athlete: Jaguars (again…)

Favorite Movie Star: Jackie Chan (it’s all those Karate Kid commercials)
Favorite Food: macaroni
Favorite Place To Eat: Taco Bueno
Favorite Place To Go: Sprinkler Park
Favorite Place To Go Online: cartoonnetwork.com
Dang, he melts my heart the little booger.


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