Friends of the Road

I have a lot quirky things that I do to entertain myself, most especially on my morning commute. It gets lonely driving and listening to morning radio and your mind seems to wonder. Lucky for me I have my friends of the road. (here comes the cheezy)
I’m really big on personalized license plates (I know there’s a word for it and I can’t think of it). Over the past 6 months of my morning commute I’ve noticed several personalized plates that I see at least once or twice a week traveling the same stretch of highway with me. I consider them old friends now.

Here are just a few license plates that I’ve either seen more than once or recently just found over the past few days.

There’s PERKY – who I just saw this morning and a few times last week. PERKY makes me smile because it makes me think of Bossy Boy’s purple turtle who he also named PERKY. PERKY the car has been around since I first started work. Yes I admit I say Hi to Perky..not out loud of course, cause that would be odd or maybe not because who’s going to hear it anyway, I’m driving alone?

N’CREME – I have seen this one a couple of times as well. You have to understand that this is a crimson colored car and you have to know that OU’s school colors are Crimson N CREME it.. I do.

Last Friday I saw Gryffn – I’m pretty sure this has to be a Harry Potter fan. Why else would you put that for a license plate?

This morning I saw MUHAHAAA -I love people with a witty humor.

I also see just about every morning two cars going the opposite of my main road, on my way to the highway. A county sheriff car, which if I miss it a morning it has to be because I’m running late or a little bit early. I also see one of those little box cars that is white and literally looks like an ice cube. I’m pretty sure their tag says Cube. I may have dreamed it though. I almost feel sad if I don’t see my morning peeps.
Yes I realize I have issues. I’m also going crazy on what to blog since I can’t upload pics at the moment. I’ve got a great post (in my head..I’m sure not actually great) but it needs visuals and it’s driving me crazy.

Next up, I’ll admit my phone quirks…maybe not.


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