Day Book 05/23

Outside My Window: I can say with confidence that we are not under tornado watches or warnings and for sure no hail. The last couple of weeks have been pretty hairy around here. It is cloudy and windy but I’ll take it. Once summer begins I have a strong feeling we’ll be begging for some rain. That’s way it kind of works around here, when it rains it pours and when it doesn’t…it doesn’t.

I Am Thinking: A few things actually. The boys last day is Wednesday, although the teachers have pretty much hinted that if you want to take your kid out before Wednesday they won’t complain. I’m thinking of making up some “lesson plans” for the boys during the week. Last year you may recall we did a big Three Little Pigs production and I’m thinking of having them do something like that again. It’s going to be hard not being full time camp counselor again, but I’m going to at least give them a list that needs completing when I get home. I’ve also created them their own blog, which I will assign “writing” assignments for them to post. I’m making it private since it will be hard to monitor them from work. Their really excited about their tasks and blogging!

In other news: The hubs has been given the green light to go full time for school. It’s an accredited online college and he’s gotten the green light from the government for grants. This will make things easier for the summer for us, to full time do his school and be home with the boys. We’ll take what we can get at this point and basically go from there. He’s still on the search of course, but at least he’s being productive in the mean time. 🙂

I’m Currently Reading (shock I know!) Eat Pray Love -I’m enjoying it and can’t understand the bad reviews I’ve seen about it. It’s about a women’s travels to find herself and eat along the way. I just have to say that I really could use a gellato from Italy right now.

Plans For The Week: Not a whole lot but end of school stuff that I cannot partake in, but it will be nice to have an extended weekend next week. Plans we has none right now.

I Also Wanted To Mention: Never mind I’ll save that for a post on it’s own.

Picture Thought: I’m having technical issues with the whole uploading thing on both computers, so no photo for now.


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