The Scraping

I have a small little secret about me some of you may not know. I’m a big scaredy cat when it comes to the dentist. I had way more of my share of dental trip scarrings to last me my life time. That kind of trauma sticks to a person their entire life. Primarily just pain not so much a specific incident and the sound of the drill completely shutters me to the core of my bones.
I probably never mentioned it to anyone(my mother) before, because I always felt I had to be a brave little soldier and not cry / complain about it so I never did. On that note, I would now like to plead the 5th on the last time I had a visit to the dentist.
The hubs has ridden me and ridden me about seeing the dentist. He’s right, I should.. and absolutely need to.

The hubs has a new hobby called; What’s for free on Craigslist? I could go into a whole couple’s therapy on the “free stuff” and I will eventually. The hubs found an ad about a free screening for a special dental cleaning for the local college dental assistants who need “willing bodies” to scrape plaque build up for their boards for free..of course. Sounds exciting right? Yeah.
The hubs decided to volunteer me and him for this screening. I decided what the’s not the actual “dentist” and it’s free which is another issue I have with the dentist, it’s never cheap.
We show up this morning and my student was more than eager to get to scraping on me. I told her I plead the 5th on my last cleaning, and shockingly she was ecstatic because that’s exactly the kind of candidate she needed for her boards. She warned that it could feel like pulling splinters from your skin but it’s plaque and it’s in your teeth. Lovely! She gets to scraping along and so far so good, as I was really bracing for impact. After about 5 minutes she declared that I was a “great brusher” and did not appear to qualify as a candidate for a scraping to be tested on for her boards. I was ecstatic! The hubs did not fare so well and DOES qualify. The funny thing is, he did this whole thing primarily for me, thinking I would best qualify as the hubs has visited the dentist with in a better time frame than I have.
This my friends, was like sweet victory to my little dental denial and I of course will never let the hubs live it down on this one. I will proceed to get my actual cleanings from the dental students for $5, a pop you can’t beat that.


2 thoughts on “The Scraping

  1. Oh I wish my fear of dentists was also combined with apparently good teeth. I am soooo not that lucky. And oh my good lord, the cost. I’ve been to the dentist way too much in the past year and I don’t see it slowing down anytime in the future. ::sigh::

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