We headed out for a couple of days for a change of scenery and a little action. We were not disappointed.

No it doesn’t really look like this…well not in town. It looks more like a big college town..that which I didn’t take a picture of. The boys were impressed with how big the campus is. They’ve never really toured a college before. It’s never to early to start scoping out future college prospects.
First stop on our tour:
The nose knows to go to Joes. For those not in “the know” Eskimo Joes is basically a bar and grill that sales world known T-shirts. It’s a big hang out for the college kids and world travelers to watch the game. They had to jumbo size their parking lot and it appears they are adding on. We only shopped and didn’t stay to eat. It is a popular dive and with popular dives and a state wide competition equals huge crowds and a long wait. The food is good but not 2 hour wait good. Besides, most people come for the T-shirts and that’s exactly what we did.
I’ve dreamed of being Joe’s graphic artist…than I wake up and slap myself in the face. This Robin Hood T-shirt was hot off the presses 2 days ago. No one else in the world probably has it…maybe not.
It’s May in Oklahoma. That can only mean 50 degree temps with a chance of rain. It never rained…but dang it was cold.

I insisted that we stop for a photo shoot of this General Lee replica. The boys of course were clueless. I told them, had they been their age circa 1975 they would have been going crazy and it would have been the highlight of their trip and they would have been in a tizzy for days. At least I had my moment. This car was just parked right in the entry of a car dealership…I’m sure to lure you in to buy a car. I have to admit I’m not a big car person but this was a pretty sweet looking car. I’m sure that it had nothing to do with its fame…
Don’t they look thrilled? Kids these days do not appreciate television history.

Now for the reason we came this far in the first place. Wonder Boy’s big race.
On Your Mark! …wait…. something’s not right here….

Get Set!?!


To the hubs defense, he was trying to get him racing with out the fence and decided to hold the camera above the fence. He assumed he was aimed at the racers. Oh and that line up? Totally not his line up.  Wonder Boy was also really distracted with us yelling for him that he completely got side tracked and completely lost track of his focus…running. When he did realize what he was supposed to be doing at the finish line he then began to continue running well past the finish line. It was a classic “Run Forrest Run” moment.  Any..who he got 7th, which is totally ok cause he got a Bronze medal in softball throw.

We’re still pretty proud of him anyway.


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