When: May 10 2010

If you haven’t caught me on Facebook than you probably haven’t heard of our little storm situation around here.

3 miles from my house a tornado hit too close to home. It completely took me back to May 3 1999 when I was huddled in the closet with my 1 month old new born, the dog and a mattress over our heads when tornadoes hit just a few close miles away. We were desperately hoping that my crazy storm chasing hubs was ok out and about chasing tornadoes.

Fast forward today and it was the same scenario. This time I was huddled in the stairway of my work totally clueless that the tornadoes were so close to my house. Again, we had a “situation” with the cell phones and I had no outside source of communication. Thankfully a work buddy lent me her(i-why yes I had a small thrill using an iphone) phone and only no answer at the home front. Still being clueless of possible danger.
When we got the all clear 45 minutes after 5PM (I so hope we get overtime for being stuck..but safety first) Though in all reality if we had been allowed to leave at 5 there’s a good possibility I would have been right there in the middle of the chaos. I tried calling the hubs again..no answer. I got a hold of my parents and they were beyond relief to hear from me and had not heard from the hubs. WORRY! Though I knew if anyone is “OK” he would be…since he kind of knows what he’s doing. At this point I’m still at work and still clueless that it’s to close to home. Co worker and I decided to follow each other as we live nearby. I instantly begin hearing on the radio reports of damage at exactly my exit to home. FREAKING OUT.. I AM… The highway is shut down and there was no other choice for me to do but drive to my parents thinking maybe the hubs is there.
I reach my parents and still no go from the hubs. I know at this point he’s probably chasing the storm and has the van loaded down with kids and dogs.
My parents and I head to the house having no clue if there’s damage at our house or what. I am sweating and freezing at the same time. I’m not sure if it was adrenaline and the clingy dry humid atmosphere or just the fact that I was freaking out and had no idea what to expect. At every stop sign heading East, I braced myself for damage, down trees and the whole 9 yards, surprisingly all was clear right up to our street. I could see the emergency vehicles just as I was turning in my street not even a half mile from where I turning. All was completely clear, no damage, not even nary a hint of blown leaves.
The TV was blaring and you could tell the hubs left in a dang big hurry. Several messages on the machine most of which were my mother and I of concern and from friends and family. I call the hubs again and finally get him. He states that the phone never rang. He probably just couldn’t hear it if he was blaring the radio to track the storm. All was safe and they of course tracked the storm and got a few pics. Crazy man takes 10 years off my life every storm season.
That’s my lame attempt at an arrow..it’s really hard to see (if you can see the darker dust cloud) but hubs says he was way to close for even his comfort..and that’s saying a lot.

We were so very blessed and so many others not so lucky. A lot of friends reported damage to their cars from hail the size of golf balls. Again so very lucky we are all clear. Oh… and more to come this week. 24 tornadoes reported today and counting.


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