A Mother’s Day Spa retreat for me and my female side kick that’s who.

We start off with a very relaxing massage.

There’s only one very trained and specialized masseuse in the country that can do this technique. Sorry ladies he’s not cheap. Lucky for me I was able to get him at a special rate.

How ’bout a pedi done Okie style? That’s outside on your front porch. No where else on earth can you get a pedi like that. They do charge extra for crooked toes though.
While you’re waiting between polish coats, have a refreshing beverage on the house.
Time to kick back and take a bubble bath. Let someone else scrub and lather you up. We are all about full quality service around here.

Oh yeah that hits the spot.

Special moisturizer rub down is optional and for a price.

You’ll never look more relaxed and refreshed in all your life.


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