Day Book: May 6th

Outside My Window: It’s a little gloomy and stormy. Not the best weather for Mother’s Day activities.

I’m Thinking: It’s been just a pretty quiet day just relaxing at home. Enjoyed spending Mother’s Day with my mom. Have I mentioned she’s the most awesome mom on the planet?

I’m Hoping: To be as awesome as her some day.

I’m Reading: A Prayer For Owen Meany…again. I’ve mentioned before that’s it’s become one of my top 5 reads. It’s got every requirement a book needs in my humble opinion. Inspiration, Humor, and it makes you feel good and cry at the same time. I’m not sure if I’ll completely finish it but it was nice to put down the computer and just read for a change.

Plans For The Week: I’m beyond looking forward to my over night trip to Stillwater. I know I mentioned it a gazillion times. I’m just over due. If children absolutely didn’t have to go back to school on Friday and if I had the extra hours of vacation, I would take Friday off and stay an extra day too. I’ll take what I can get though. Also next Sunday…that’s this coming Sunday to those still on the fence of the “NEXT” debate, is my 12 year anniversary. It’s seems unreal that we’ve been together that long, then on the other side it seems like it’s been an eternity of wedded bliss…ahem..cough… just kidding..maybe. 🙂

I Also Want To Mention: That one my best NKOTB bloggy friend Heather is getting married on the 16th which also happens to be my anniversary. I am so ecstatic for her that if I could jump a plane to WV I’d be there, though crashing weddings is not my thang, I don’t think she’d mind. Though my hubby may not be to keen on me jumping on a plane to crash a wedding on our anniversary.
I’ve been following along with her struggles of single motherhood and praying for Prince Charming to come along and her faith and so happy to be there for the “happily ever after”. So honored to share this special day with her.

Quote of the week; Me: “Wonder Boy, you need to chill out!” Him: “Anybody got a coat?”

Picture Thought: Who needs to spend money on flowers for Mother’s Day when you can just clip some from your yard?


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