What ten things were most excellent about my Friday? Why..I’ll tell ya. I just had to play on my previous post on Why. I honestly thought of doing a whole series of posts on who, what, when, where, why, cause that’s how I roll. Maybe I still will, if I can think of something nifty to go with each question, there be the challenge.

1. I had the most awesome salad at lunch today. The deli really out does their self on their salads. Today’s salad included a coconut crusted chicken, pineapples, cherry tomatoes, the “spring” mix of salad, and an awesome tangy vinaigrette and feta cheese. The chicken alone was divine. My lunch buddies were envious..yes, I shared a little. 🙂 I seriously thought of ordering an extra to take home for dinner. I may just have to make it myself,if only I could figure out the coconut chicken…

2. Lunch was free, thanks to a good lunch buddy.

3. I had zero complaint/difficult calls..zero may be stretching it…or I’m just getting more tolerable.

4. Had my first “Kudo” call at this job, basically what I thought to be a “normal” callthe customer, thought it excellent and needed to praise my awesomeness to a supervisor. Haven’t had a kudo call in a coon’s age. Yes, it totally makes my century.

5. Clocked out at 5 on the dot. Didn’t happen at all this week. 5:02 does not count as 5 on the dot in my little 8-5 world.

6. Actually hit all the green lights on the way home. I only have 2 lights on my way home from work (none on the way) and it can suck up 15 minutes of my commute just sitting at those lights.

7. My normal 50-55 minute commute home was only 40 minutes. Thank you no traffic tie ups.

8. Black Eyed Peas played on the radio. I’m sure you can guess which song.

9. Curly Fries…that is all.

10. First snow cone of the season. I couldn’t have made it better myself. I would never admit to being tempted to add a little somethin somethin to make it better. I’ll stick with the virgin version of Strawberry Daiquiri…it’s best that way.

Obviously it doesn’t take much to thrill me. I’m ok with that!


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