Just some random why’s because… just because.

Why is it that the traffic report is totally different from one radio station to the other? A girl has to know what roads to avoid on her way to work. If one says one thing and the other mentions nothing of it, which am I supposed to believe?

Why does my hubs complain about lights being on when this past bill was only $88? Doesn’t he know the perks of being energy efficient by living underground, allowing us to leave lights on if we want? Don’t answer that.

Why does it seem 10X harder for my 5yr old to go to bed now, than it did when he was a baby? Funny thing is he willingly went to bed Friday night because he stated “I don’t have to go in, in the morning” How stressful can kindergarten be, that one would dread it worse than going to work full time?

Why do my children seem disappointed when I’m home from work for whatever reason? “What are you doing here, Mom? Like I’ve totally thrown off the balance in the force by being home and in their presence.

Why is my hair suddenly red? ahem…I plead the 5th.

Why can’t I think of the other “good why” that I wanted to put down?

Why does hummus taste kind of plain and not as shockingly awesome tasting as I thought it would? I would eat it again, just probably not something I’d make myself or go to the store and buy.

Why can’t we have awesome grocery stores like Texas does why do my groceries here seem so much more expensive than Texas? I miss Albertsons and Kroeger. Oh yeah Oklahoma’s liquor laws for grocery stores are kind of kookie and they have grocery tax of all things. pffft.

Why are my favorite black slipper shoes suddenly missing all of a sudden? I wear these shoes literally every single day and all of a sudden their not in the usual place where my shoes go(under the coffee table). I had to wear my ugly shoes today.

That’s all …I feel better now..not really.


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I like that he said “I don’t have to go in, in the morning,” as opposed to like, “I don’t have school.” Sounds much more mature. 🙂

    Soon he’ll be drinking coffee with you at the breakfast table and reading the paper. :OP

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