Day Book 05/02

Outside My Window: Sunny sun..and I’m lovin it! Surprisingly this Spring has been very mild for Oklahoma standards, which means we’ve only had 2-3 known tornadoes and they were pretty insignificant and no where near here. I’d hate to speak to soon though.

I Am Hearing: Super Smash Brothers Brawl and the dogs barking at people walking.

I’m Thinking: I’m kinda feeling how the hubs probably feels about being declined job opportunities simply because we’re to over qualified, or other lame excuses to not be hired. I’ve been applying for places that pays just a few dollars more doing what I already do. The hubs says it’s a very saturated market and people can hire for way cheaper now. I hate to think I’m “stuck” doing the only thing I’m “qualified” to do for the rest of my life.
I’m also seriously thinking of signing up with the Oklahoma Blood Institute to learn to be a phlebotomist-they supposedly will train, but the hours are not regular 8 to 5 and I’m not sure what the pay would be. It’s gotta be a touch more doing what I’m doing now, I’d think. Plus I’d be off the phone and not chained to a desk all day. Something to ponder.

Plans For The Week: As I mentioned before, I’ve got to remedy the glasses situation. Hopefully I can get that done Tuesday. I’ll have to bite the bullet and take off work but I can’t wait until Saturday.

At this point I’m totally blank on what else to say…hence another reason the posts have been so sporadic lately.

As we speak: My living room is a lot cleaner than it was yesterday, and 2 loads of laundry have been completed and 2 more on the way. I also updated my header which still isn’t quite what I was going for but it works for now. That’s progress for around here.

Stay tuned for this weeks I Heart Faces- Then and Now. The hubs thought I lost my mind on this one; which shouldn’t be unusual from any other day. A sneak preview is my profile pic.


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