And I Call Myself A Blogger

I apologize for my lack of any production of any kind what so ever ..whether it’s blogging or anything else for that matter. I’d love to say I blame it on my busyness but that’s not really true either.
Part of the problem is my glasses finally bit the dust this week. It’s been a struggle just staring at a computer 8 hours a day 5 days a week (not quite 5.. but whatever) with over strained eyes. Needless to say coming home and staring some more at the computer doesn’t help matters, so I’ve tried to limit my computer time to ease my eyeball stress. Did I mention I went home early Thursday with a migraine?
We tried taking the cheap route by trying to just buy new frames and skip the whole seeing the doctor to get a prescription, buy brand new glasses part but that didn’t work either. Apparently my frames were made in Italy of all places, over 7 years ago and it’s a funky cut frame. Whatever.
I went ahead and made an appointment for next Saturday, but I don’t think I can make it that long and may just bite the bullet and take off Tuesday to get it done.

On that note how ’bout some random pics of tigers and flowers? Kind of like Tiger Lily but not really.
Here Kitty Kitty.. Gameboy had a special trip to a tiger reserve. The hubs went…like a good daddy should. Me jealous much? Never…ahem.

Have I mentioned I love my mom’s flowers? The daffodils have gone off and in comes the flags, and roses. Roses to come once they get to full bloom. I’m thinking just in time for mother’s day. Have I also mentioned that I’m scared to death I’m going to kill them? I’m just thrilled I don’t have to do to much to them..they just do their own thing. Which works for me but I’m sure there’s something I should do to keep them sustained.


2 thoughts on “And I Call Myself A Blogger

  1. Wow! What great pictures! I guess you were jealous about not getting to go! I sure would have been!
    Those flowers are beautiful! They look like a kind of iris. Are they?

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