Day Book 04/25

Outside My Window: Well considering I’m literally sitting outside my window, the sun is shining and there’s a bit of a breeze. The dogs are hangin out by the trees and the boys are doing yard work. Me? I’m sitting on my porch enjoying the outdoors and my Wi Fi.

I Am Hearing: The birds and dogs barking, lawn mowers running, typical outside sounds.

I Am Thinking: I really don’t want the day to end because we all know what that means…Monday. This is the time of year most, that I want to be home with my boys and be a part of all of their end of year activities. Friday killed me that I couldn’t be at the zoo with Bossy Boy. I tried to be very stoic at work but it was very hard not to burst into tears at any given moment. I’m sure it had nothing to do with me being hormonal…ahem. It’s hard not bursting in tears right now just re hashing it. I’m trying to be patient and hopeful and faithful but I’m running on E in the patient tank. UGH! Sorry you have to hear the same ol story, same ol song dance..again.

I’m FEELING: Very anxious for a little trip. I’m not used to Not taking a drive across the border to get away from things. I’m so looking forward to May and our little trip to Stillwater. It’s not across the border but it will do. For once we will have to board the dogs as our normal “babysitters” will be out of town too. It should be interesting. I think they’ll be fine, then again you should see Annakin when we have left him home alone a few hours. He has a whining convulsion at me. It’s literally sounds like he’s asking me why I left him. Silly dog.

No Major Plans For The Week Except: Gameboy has his big field trip this week. I’m sure you all know by now how I feel about that. It’s also the end of the month which is never my favorite when it comes to work. Should be a great week…or not.
I’ll try to keep positive I promise (crossing fingers behind back). I will also try to be more productive on the blog this week. Hopefully I’ll have something entertaining up my sleeve. No gurantees, No refunds…good thing reading this whiney drivel is free.

A Few Movies I’ve Seen: I finally saw Blind Side..LOVED IT..You don’t have to love football to love this movie either. Though it goes right up there with Rudy on “great make you feel all warm and fuzzy sport movies”. Again it has nothing to do with the under dog winning/losing, well maybe it does but in a different way. Also saw Avatar on DVD. I’m sure it pales in comparison to seeing it in 3D but it was pretty good. Best movie ever? Not quite…at least not on my list. It did make you stop and think about the earth in general and it also made me think of how we as Americans (white folks) treated the Indians. It’s along that same concept but different. In case you didn’t know.

Picture Thought: I don’t really have any pic thoughts, and the ‘puter that I normally do my uploading on has a virus and the hubs has to wipe it, and my ‘puter can only take it through the USB which would be fine and dandy but it drains the camera battery the instant I plug it in. I know, woe is me.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 04/25

  1. Okay, I am totallly with you on “The Blind Side.” I loved it also. And “Avatar”? Meh. I wasn’t that impressed. Have you seen “Facing the Giants”? LOVED it! Very intense.

    I’m sorry you missed the trip to the zoo.

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