Day Book 04/18

Outside My Window: Wet and gloomy. It’s been this way all weekend.

I Am Hearing: “Don’t Get Eaten” -I’m watching Life on Discovery. Yes I’m a junkie for this stuff. Who doesn’t love to hear Oprah saying “Bassilus, the Jesus Christ Lizard”? ..maybe I’m just weird. Anyways it’s been a perfect Sunday to just be lazy and watch the Life Marathon all day.

I Am Thinking: I’m not thinking much really. I’ve decided to just stick with the status quo with work and be patient. Our little department was at around 18-19 people when I started. We’re down to 14 and losing 4 more. Needless to say, my work load is increasing, but I’m clinging to hope that I’m supposed to hang around for awhile. I’m just keeping the Faith that whatever will be, will be. I decided it’s wasted energy to fret at this point. It’s actually been a bit freeing to just let “it” go for now.

In Other News: My dining room is still a complete disaster, in fact worse than it was the last time I mentioned it. Sadly I’m getting used to it. I do have confidence that it’s going to look awesome when it’s all said done next year. No mother this is not an open invitation to come help finish it. πŸ˜‰

Wonder Boy: We had a good little low key family day of bowling and dinner for his birthday. Birthday’s this year have really scaled down..but that’s ok!

Game Boy: Is now initiated into the world of glasses. They supposedly aren’t that strong at all, but I’m hoping it’s really going to make a huge difference in his attention span at school, which will hopefully lead to better grades. I will say he looks 15 with his glasses on, which freaks me out a little. I’m sure the little ladies are going to eat him up now.

Bossy Boy: Has a case you didn’t know.

Plans for the Week: Bossy Boy has a little school show on Tuesday. I also convinced the hubs that he’s required by parental obligation to be chaperon for Bossy Boy’s zoo trip on Friday. If I can’t go, than he’s required too in my humble opinion. I think it will be good for him. I for one have no plans to look forward to this week. I do hope to get back into some routine again. I’m also thinking of taking a bloggy break. We’ll see how that goes.

Picture Thought: Please Stand By while I now throw my children off of their computer to upload some photos and post to the blog. The things I do for you people.

We’ve been living a red neck life style around here. Mattresses in the living room.
Retrieving kites from the top of the roof. What you don’t let your kids get on the roof to get their kite? Yes, we wouldn’t be red necks with out the non working antenna and the working satellite next to each other.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 04/18

  1. lmao love the mattress pics – and Game Boy looks so cute in his glasses – he’s gonna be quite the girl magnet! And oh my gosh the mohawk!!

    I like the idea of laid back birthdays, especially as they get older. πŸ™‚

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