Couples Therapy 2: The Next Light Argument

Sorry, no Barbie staging pics on this one.

The hubs and I need you guys to help settle an argument for us. (In other words… I know I’m right and I need you to prove him wrong.)

The other day the hubs was driving and I was navigating. We were approaching a light and I said; Take the NEXT light, right”
When I say this would you instinctively think ..
(A) Turn at the light we are approaching
(B) Turn at the NEXT light
(C) Neither light, as clearly I speak Swahili and Take the NEXT light means keep going straight and don’t ever turn.

Now I also want you to take a guess on what the hubs THINKS “Take the NEXT light means”
(A) Turn at the NEXT light, which is clearly the one right in front of us.
(B) Do NOT turn at the NEXT light because that would mean the NEXT NEXT light.
(C) My wife speaks Swahili and I will turn when I want to turn.

Just in case you’re not sure the answer is B, and B respectively.

I also want to clarify. If I was wanting the light that we literally were approaching, I would have said “Turn at THIS light!”
See, it’s all very clear and quite simple. We’ve been married almost 12 years, the man should know by now what the heck I’m talking about.


3 thoughts on “Couples Therapy 2: The Next Light Argument

  1. It’s kind of like….tomorrow is Monday……but when I say next Monday….I mean the one following tomorrow, not tomorrow! I totally get your point! Haha! Sounds like an average day riding with the Adamson’s!

  2. To be honest, I would have turned at the first light. If you wanted me to turn at the second light, you would have to say, “Turn at the light after this one.” Sorry!

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