10 Years of Amazing Wonder

Today is Wonder Boy’s Birthday and as tradition (for the past year anyway..) goes we have the annual birthday quiz. Somewhere in this mess of an un categorized blog is his birth saga. If you haven’t read it yet..well try the search thingy and put Wonder Boy and birth story and see what you find. (Sheesh..I’m such a bad blog hostess. I might as well have said “find the dang saga your own self”..but I would have meant it in the most loving way.) Wait even better, he has his own category and for once I categorized correctly. Here it is to get you started. You’re welcome! Here’s the little guy then
and now
Sniff…..they grow up so fast.

I’m going to try not to make this about me but…my chi this week is completely off kilter, I’d blame Jon but that would be complaining and I’m not complaining. I just have gotten zero accomplished this week, which is obvious by the mattress in my living room, dishes in my sink and grass that is growing wildly..well that’s the hubs job..but it’s still my job to nag him about it. Which I haven’t yet. This also includes any blog reading, or blog posting or birthday prepping. Hopefully the balance in the force will be restored next week, though honestly I say that every week.
Moving on to the birthday boy’s quiz! A LA Video!


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