Please Excuse My Absence

It’s funny how thoughts that the plans for the week will only amount to work, work, and more work and than it totally turns upside down.

I mentioned that I was trying very unsuccessfully to win tickets to see Jovi.. Bon Jovi (yes I went there) . After my last attempt on Monday I had pretty much written off my chances. Tuesday the day of the concert I went to work as usual, a little bummed but got over it. What can you do?
Because of the nature of my job, cell phones are pretty much prohibited on “the floor” so I pretty much don’t even look at my phone until 5pm. always tell the hubs if he needs to reach me for emergencies his best bet is to call my boss directly. So the hubs knows reaching me on my cell is pointless. I also almost never get direct calls to my extension cause I’m constantly getting other calls.
So my phone rings and it’s the security guard downstairs (oh yes the “library” runs a tight ship). He states that my hubs is on the phone and wants to let me know I must meet him for lunch. Strange. So I headed out for lunch which I rarely do.
I get in the car and he tells me we’re going to the grocery store on my lunch break and to grab the coupons in the console. As strange as it sounds I didn’t question it, because we do indeed desperately need to go to the grocery store. I dig for the coupons and glance at something that says “Jovi” in a ticket like format. Because my brain takes 10 years to process, I looked again and sure enough it was 2 tickets to Jovi! He won them on the radio and the only way to tell me was to get me for lunch.
Holy Cow Patties! I am beyond stoked! I could barely eat my lunch and absolutely did not want to go back to work but had to to let boss man know I needed to exit the premises early.

We shuttled the kids off to my parents (thanks Mom!) for the night and headed to Tulsie Town about 2 hours away.
I have to say that my concert going experiences are pretty limited to band NKOTB, The Wiggles, and Bel Biv Devoe. Yes, I don’t get out much. So Jovi was my first real ROCK AND ROLL concert. It rocked for sure, but I must say that I’m getting way to old to rock (I really have to have my sleep) but never to old to rock for FREE TICKETS! Although the hubs won these tickets from the radio, you would have thought we would have had awesome seats. They were nose bleed but directly to the side of him. One doesn’t complain much when it’s free.
Since I’m the most paranoid person in the world when it comes to rocking the boat or breaking the rules, I strongly urged the hubs to keep the camera in the car. I didn’t want to have to make the 1/2 mile walk of shame from the security line. He of course, will never forgive me because you could indeed bring in your camera. I also refused to make the walk of guilt back to the car to get the camera. Cause I’m also paranoid that something crazy drastic could happen on the way back to the car and we would never make it back in time, although we had a good hour before the concert, still you never know… you know? So no pics, except for the ones on the hubs cell phone, which we don’t have the means to upload. Aren’t we the epitome of cool?
It was totally worth the less than 5 hours of sleep I got last night, and the dragging “hung over” sensation I had all day at work. Nothing to do with alcohol.. totally related to lack of sleep.

On that note…night night!


3 thoughts on “Please Excuse My Absence

  1. Aw, your hubby does love you! So sweet!
    And yeah, I’ve had those “nosebleed” side seats at a concert before too. Kinda weird, but worth it for free!

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