Day Book 04/11

Outside My Window: Clear blue skies, and the wind is just perfect. You know you can have perfect sunny days and the wind just ruin it. Not today folks, not today.

I am hearing: peaceful quiet..we don’t have the T.V. on so there’s not much back ground sound. Wait…I hear a kid singing Pirate King. Did I mention we they watch Pirates of Penzance like daily?

I am thinking: I was thinking of the days of yester year living in suburbia when we actually didn’t have cable or satellite T.V. and we lived through it. Those were the days when I could finish a book in a day and start another. Good times..Good times..
I was also thinking of restarting WW: A to Z again. I flipped through it and noticed that I got lazy and didn’t finish linking them up and for some reason my flickr pics are no longer there. I need to re scratch that old creativity. I had so much fun thinking of new letters for the week even on the challenging days.

Plans for the week: This week is Wonder Boy’s birthday and maybe a good time to re link up his birth story. Yes we just had a birthday last week and are now on to the next. I really do love this time of year. No major birthday plans though. I realized that this year was the first year ever that I didn’t even decorate for their birthday, even if no party, I always decorated the dining area and have the presents laid out with the cake the night before their birthday, after they had gone to bed as kind of a “surprise it’s your birthday” tradition. I felt really bad I didn’t do that for Game Boy. Things have just been way off kilter this year. Not to mention my dining area is in a bit of a dust bowl..disaster area as were still battling the termites and reconstruction.

Post Plans For The Week: I’ve got another “Couples Therapy Post” up my sleeve, it’s at least working in my brain. I know it’s going to be a requirement that I re inact w/ Barbie and Superman.. Post title; Couples Therapy: All That Junk In My Trunk. We’ll see if the hubs wants to post his side of the story, he probably will.
Also look for a post on My Red Neck Kids. Should be fascinating…really…maybe. Of course Wonder Boys birthday quiz. Can’t believe my little preemie is going to be the big 10! He’s finally getting some meat on his bones after all these years and fitting in normal sized clothes for his age.

Picture Thought: Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring..


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