Special Runner

Today I spent the day outside with a chilly wind and a special runner and soft ball thrower. Wonder Boy had his preliminary Special Olympics for track before the big games in May. I’m so glad I decided to bite the bullet and take the whole day off to be apart of it.
“That boy was a sure runnin foward”
He got second and really fought for it until the bitter end. I’m sure he could have gotten first but the other kid kind of got in his way so it slowed him down. He’s ready for the big games though.
The softball throw was not his best skill. He did get 3rd and was almost more excited about it than 2nd for running. When they called his name he yelled “I just won the Olympics, I’m going to Disney World!” He at least got a chuckle out of everyone.
I’m so glad he gets to partake and feel “special” it wasn’t a big ta doo in Texas for Special Olympics, so he never got a chance to participate.
I will say that my little hometown has done well for itself as far as athletic event transportation goes. They’ve got a very nice coach bus with their name on the side. I bet dollars to donuts they have T.V.’s inside. “Why… in my day we rode the big yellow school bus to sporting events and we’re thrilled if we got a bus that had a radio in it.” (stated in my old granny voice)


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