Day Book 04/04

Outside My Window: An absolutely beautiful day for Easter. We had our share of egg hunts and just hanging out outside today.

I Am Hearing: “Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens..”

I Am Thinking: Bossy Boy is really taking off on his bike. It won’t be long before he’s off the trainers. He rides for at least an hour every day. The older two not so much. I’m sure it’s my fault for not getting them really into biking a lot sooner. Limitations I blame.

I Am Hoping: To get Game Boy an appointment for his eyes. He got checked out at school and they sent me “the guilt” letter. Then there’s the whole paying for the glasses part that will be interesting. The insurance only pays for the exam. I’m pretty sure this a huge part of his trouble with paying attention in class. I’m in need of new glasses myself. Did I mention when I signed the line for my monthly review at work, that I signed the wrong line twice, with my glasses on?

In Other Random News: My dad gave Game Boy a watch for his birthday. Sure he supposedly got it for free for ordering from one of his many gazillion catalogs. I still hope GB treasures it simply because it came directly from his grandpa.

I’m also actively “looking” for the right (whispers) J. O. B. I feel really guilty doing it, almost like I’m cheating on my significant other. I also have these thoughts of doubt like I mentioned before, of what makes me think anywhere else would be better? Then again, the looking part actually helps me to get up and go in hopes that a new opportunity will arise soon. I’m living day by day folks, the only way I know how at this point.

Plans for the Week: To win Bon Jovi tickets…or not. He’s playing in Tulsa this week. I’ve already told the hubs that he has to stay glued to the radio all week to win me us tickets. We’ll see how that goes. One can hope.
Wonder Boy is also headed to his first Special Olympic trial this week. Right now I’m “saving” vacation time so we can head down in May for the big Special Olympics in Stillwater. How I long for the days of yore when I didn’t have to manage work time and family time. Reminding self things all happen for a reason.
Oh and of course that work thing.

Also Worth Mentioning: The Easter Bunny knows me so well. She/He brought me new flip flops, Reeces peanut cups, and Clorox Wipes. She/He knows I’m all about the random and she/he supposedly reads the blog and picks up subtle hints. I will certainly keep this in mind for Santa too. 😉

Picture Thought: I hate it when I’ve uploaded to the wrong ‘puter and then have to download a random pic that’s probably already been seen (on facebook) because I’m to lazy to save this post, remove my children from the “photo computer” upload the photos needed just to post the pic I wanted for the blog and then post the blog. Welcome to my world.
Admits it’s one of my faves.

5yr old’s famous last words; “Why do we have to pay all this money to people? What do they do for us?” Wiser words were never spoken.


5 thoughts on “Day Book 04/04

  1. Happy Easter! We have two more things in common today– I have also been trying to win Bon Jovi tickets, and I also feel guilty wanting to look around for jobs. *sigh* I’m definitely with ya, girl. Aren’t the blogs such an awesomely covert way for us to hint for things?

  2. You comment that when job hunting you feel like you are cheating on your significant other which makes me laugh because your comment, “what makes me think anywhere else would be better?” which makes ME think of an abusive or just plain unhealthy relationship. Of course you can do better! If you are this unhappy, you can definitely do better!

    And I love the picture you posted of you and the boys – definitely a keeper!

  3. Your boys are just so cute! And growing up too fast!
    I hope you find a way with the glasses thing… have you looked into getting them online once you have the prescription? There are some places where it looks like you can get them pretty cheap… although I haven’t tried them so I don’t know about the quality. Good luck!

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