11 Years of April Foolery!

Today is Gameboy’s Birthday. I’m sure if you dug around you’d find his birth story. I’m doing good to post a pic or two and have him answer his annual update. We aren’t planning on a major bash that I know of, but we’ve never been big planners just see where the day takes us. I will be sure to post any celebratory pics. I’m thinking we’ll be partying down this weekend for Easter. Didn’t you know April is our month to party?

Name: Gameboy
Age: 11
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Subject in school: Social Studies
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Football player
Favorite Book of all time? Gregor The Overlander Book #5
If you could be any animal what would it be? Bear
Best memory of being 10: Going to the fair.
Worst memory of being 10: Being grounded for a month for bad grades
Favorite T.V. show: Johnny Test, and Chowder, (I’m trying to make him admit iCarly but he doesn’t want to admit it to the whole dang world).
Favorite Movie: Transformers 2
Favorite Sports Team: New York Giants
Favorite Athlete: Eli Manning
Favorite Movie Star: Eddie Murphy
Favorite Food: Calamari
Favorite Place To Eat: Taco Bueno
Favorite Place To Go: Laser Tag
Favorite Place To Go Online: Addicting Games.com (with supervision)

Happy Birthday my son! I know it’s been a trying year for all of us. I know yet another change in schools and readjusting to the life of being an OKIE has had it’s challenges but you’ve come though and I know that this year can only get better.


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